Meet Johnny Rapid, The Gay-for-Pay Adult Star With $2 Million For Justin Bieber

johnny rapidBy now, you may have heard that Men.com adult performer Johnny Rapid, in a marketing stunt, has offered Justin Bieber $2 million to do a sex scene. But you might not have heard about the awful news that followed shortly thereafter: Johnny’s charged with assaulting his girlfriend after they had a fight about a threesome with a 14-year-old. Girl.

Johnny and his girlfriend apparently met a girl — literally, a girl — at a bowling alley, and according to his girlfriend, he pressured her into arranging a hookup. When the girlfriend balked, she told police, Johnny got violent. He told the police that she made the story up, but the officer noticed that she was pretty banged-up so he was arrested.

Who is this “Johnny Rapid” person, alleged girlfriend abuser, who is in the news, anyway? Here’s a little background on the 22-year-old.

Johnny got started in the adult industry in 2011, after Men.com signed him to an exclusive long-term contract. A former high-school wrestler, he enjoyed a meteoric rise to X rated fame, thanks in no small part to a particularly accommodating nature. He’s enjoyed the company of entire football teams, baseball coaches, soccer players, cowboys and prison guards alike.

Aside from his naked work, he’s also very interested in cars and mechanics, and is, in fact, an actual Bieber fan. Perhaps wisely, he avoids talking about his private life, for reasons that are increasingly apparent. All that he’s willing to say is that he has a girlfriend, and that according to Men.com, she loves the attention that he gets from gay men, and thinks the Bieber fantasy is hilarious. It’s not so funny any more, however.

In the past, he’s described his sex with his girlfriend as being violent. Like, make-her-bleed violent. This is obviously troubling, to say the least, and leads credence to the charges he faces now.

Johnny’s aware that people think he’s just gay, not gay-for-pay, but he doesn’t care. “Has a girlfriend but sexually open” is how his reps described him to us, before the charges came down.

There are a ton of fake Twitter accounts impersonating him, but the real one is @JohnnyRapidATL. Most recent Tweet: “I have big things happening this year and they wouldn’t be if it weren’t for these blogs!!” Not sure which blogs he’s referring to, but we have no doubt he has big things happening this year, not all of them good at all.

In a recent documentary he mentioned that he’d like to get into mainstream acting, perhaps like his lookalike Brent Corrigan. But first things first, Johnny: deal with this domestic abuse thing–as in stop this right now.

We rounded up a few social media pics of Johnny. These may be the last of him you see on adult film.

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