Meet Joseph Birdsong. He’s From Arkansas and He Makes Us Laugh

If you have not see the magic of John Roberts — the gay comedian who plays his mother in an excellent series of web videos — then you’re abusing your unrestricted access to YouTube. But with nearly two years passing since John’s infamous “Mother’s Day” sketch, we’ve been without a constant stream of so-simple-and-stupid-it’s-funny skits from likable gay funnymen. Enter Joseph Birdsong.

The Arkansas-to-Philadelphia YouTuber absolutely delivers with “Get Outta Town” (above), its creation he explains like so: “Me and Tyler were skyping this morning and I told him to get outta town. That phrase goes back a ways in my vocabulary. My bff Ashton used to always say it in high school and we would just laugh and laugh for no reason. I got the accent from Drop Dead Gorgeous (one of my favey movies of all time). Anyway, Tyler and I just started yelling it back and forth say all sorts of random things with it. He suggested a video for it, so all that credit goes to him definitely.” And he’s going to make it a recurring character! “Thanks to Tyler, she has a name, and I already wrote out a future video for her.”

If you don’t laugh, that’s your own prerogative. But Joseph is our newfound comedic treasure.

In the meantime, he hosts the apropos It’s Rarely Sunny in Philadelphia:

And if you want, you can go through all his videos and watch him grow up over the years. Like in this spot, from two years ago: