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Meet Kurt + Claude, Canada’s New $50 Million Lottery Winners

Well this should be enough to distance “gay lottery winner” and “suicide” for the time being: Canadian couple Kurt Blanchette-Ebert, 63, and his partner Claude, 52, just won a $50 million lottery prize.

And in a move I wholeheartedly agree with, Kurt quit his job at a bakery on Monday before picking up the prize yesterday. He had a weekend to think about it: They found out they had the winning Lotto Max ticket on Friday.

“We’ll still be the same people… I hope,” laughed Kurt in front of news cameras. For now the pair plans only to buy a house (they just lost theirs due to financial hardship) and go on a Monaco or Rio de Janeiro vacation. And celebrate their 30th anniversary next month in style. Hey, we hear Elton John is having a party sale.