Meet Matthew Krupnick, The Gay Attorney Suing A West Hollywood Gay Bar For $15M

krupnick“I’m a proud Mama’s boy,” said Matthew Krupnick, the 34-year-old gay lawyer orchestrating a $15M lawsuit against Micky’s, a popular gay bar in West Hollywood. WeHoville has profiled the local employment and personal injury lawyer to provide insight into why he’s picking bones with gay bars that he frequents.

In case you missed it, Krupnick is suing Micky’s for a variety of reasons including a claim that the Micky’s go-go dancers created a “sexually hostile work environment,” and owners Michael and Lann Niemeyer discriminate against black and heterosexual employees, even though the bar still currently employs black and heterosexual people (and even some black heterosexual people!).

“One colleague poo poo’ed the case so bad,” Krupnick says, explaining how he’s one of two people at Krupnick & Krupnick that believe the case has legs. The other attorney standing with him is his mother Vivian, a woman who came out of retirement to guide her son and partially fund his business in 2009.

According to our friends at WeHoville, much of Krupnick’s opposition sees him as a kind of  Benedict Arnold, “a gay man suing a gay bar in a case that could potentially change a way of life in the West Hollywood bar scene.”

“Anyone who would make such a criticism either does not know me or is coming from a place of ignorance,” said Krupnick, perhaps also referring to everyone who has seen pictures of him on MySpace posing shirtless and getting wasted with West Hollywood go-go boys. “First of all, why would my sexual orientation have anything to do with whether or not I would pursue a case where there are willful and repeated labor code violations going on even though the owners, Michael and Lann Niemeyer, and the various corporate entities they have created to shield themselves with?”

“I’m a straight woman. Would anyone think badly of me if I sued a straight bar?”, asked Matthew’s mother. No, probably not. But we would if you were frequenting the straight bar you were trying to sue, drinking excessively and posing half nude with people you claim are detrimental to the venue’s working environment.

“I basically gamble for a living,” Matthew says. He gets paid only when he wins cases, and is confident that a $15M settlement from Micky’s will make him instantly wealthy.

To read more about Matthew Krupnick, his lofty Pepperdine degree and his black belt in karate, head on over to the fabulous WeHoville, a web site we enjoy that covers West Hollywood with panache.

You tell us: Is Krupnick fighting for a worthy cause, or worthlessly fighting for failure?