Meet Matthew Krupnick, The Gay Attorney Suing A West Hollywood Gay Bar For $15M

krupnick“I’m a proud Mama’s boy,” said Matthew Krupnick, the 34-year-old gay lawyer orchestrating a $15M lawsuit against Micky’s, a popular gay bar in West Hollywood. WeHoville has profiled the local employment and personal injury lawyer to provide insight into why he’s picking bones with gay bars that he frequents.

In case you missed it, Krupnick is suing Micky’s for a variety of reasons including a claim that the Micky’s go-go dancers created a “sexually hostile work environment,” and owners Michael and Lann Niemeyer discriminate against black and heterosexual employees, even though the bar still currently employs black and heterosexual people (and even some black heterosexual people!).

“One colleague poo poo’ed the case so bad,” Krupnick says, explaining how he’s one of two people at Krupnick & Krupnick that believe the case has legs. The other attorney standing with him is his mother Vivian, a woman who came out of retirement to guide her son and partially fund his business in 2009.

According to our friends at WeHoville, much of Krupnick’s opposition sees him as a kind of  Benedict Arnold, “a gay man suing a gay bar in a case that could potentially change a way of life in the West Hollywood bar scene.”

“Anyone who would make such a criticism either does not know me or is coming from a place of ignorance,” said Krupnick, perhaps also referring to everyone who has seen pictures of him on MySpace posing shirtless and getting wasted with West Hollywood go-go boys. “First of all, why would my sexual orientation have anything to do with whether or not I would pursue a case where there are willful and repeated labor code violations going on even though the owners, Michael and Lann Niemeyer, and the various corporate entities they have created to shield themselves with?”

“I’m a straight woman. Would anyone think badly of me if I sued a straight bar?”, asked Matthew’s mother. No, probably not. But we would if you were frequenting the straight bar you were trying to sue, drinking excessively and posing half nude with people you claim are detrimental to the venue’s working environment.

“I basically gamble for a living,” Matthew says. He gets paid only when he wins cases, and is confident that a $15M settlement from Micky’s will make him instantly wealthy.

To read more about Matthew Krupnick, his lofty Pepperdine degree and his black belt in karate, head on over to the fabulous WeHoville, a web site we enjoy that covers West Hollywood with panache.

You tell us: Is Krupnick fighting for a worthy cause, or worthlessly fighting for failure?

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  • Spike

    And they say you can’t get pregnant from anal sex.

    Someone needs to check with this guys Mother.

  • erasure25

    This guy is an opportunist -which so many lawyers are. The dancers do not even bother you. They only make contact when you wield that all powerful dollar. But then again, you are making the first move. Too many lawyers make money by doing nothing, contributing nothing to society.

  • Matt1961

    well it’s apparent that one class he did pay attention to was ‘rain making 101’. I just can’t understand the mentality of a lawyer, but then again my boyfriend is an artist and I have issues understanding him sometimes, too.

  • decampbell

    Gee Matthew Krupnick, krup you!

  • miagoodguy

    So let me get this straight, because he is gay he can’t sue a gay bar because that makes him a benedict arnold? Does that mean a female can’t sue a female owned business? an asian attorney can’t sue an asian owned business? a hispanic lawyer can’t sue a hispanic owned business? Who the hell cares if he is gay? what does it have anything to do with the merit (or lack thereof) of the case?

  • MikeE

    @decampbell: bonus points for the Broadway reference.
    Made me laugh.

  • Christopher

    It clearly states in the 2013 Gay Mens Handbook : Suing where you dance is a no no.And pg., 33-4 states getting your mommie to do your ugly business for you.You have to give up your GayCard for 2 months.

  • Cam

    If the bar settles for 15 million he gets $5 million of it.

    Even if the bar settles for 3 million he still gets a million. Sorry but the high number he’s trying to sue them for shows that this is a fake case.

  • 2eo

    So is there a lawyer who isn’t a vile, blood sucking parasite?, anywhere, ever?

    If he was on fire I’d glass anyone trying to put him out.

  • andy_d

    @2eo: I have found that the Field Solicitors that work for the Federal Government are NOT blood sucking parasites. They work for a salary. They also work for the public good.

  • andy_d

    @2eo: I have found that the Field Solicitors that work for the Federal Government are NOT blood sucking parasites. They work for a salary. They also work for the public good.

    But let’s face it. 99% of the lawyers ruin it for the rest of them.

  • Greg

    Did Krupnick work at Micky’s or is he the “attorney” representing some disgruntled employees? If a person works in a gay nightclub/bar, they have to know what to expect as far go-go dancers and strippers. How is it a hostile work environment for him and an enjoyable time for the patrons? Krupnick may be an attorney, and he may have a black belt in karate but his lawsuit sounds ridiculous and his claim that he gambles for a living and that $15m would make him instantly wealthy indicates that this mama’s boy is orchestrating this lawsuit because he’s a shyster. He gives everything that he is a bad name. It goes to show that just because a person is an attorney and has earned a black belt doesn’t make him or her a good person with good moral and ethical character. He’s just slime with a law degree and a black belt. Grow up mama’s boy and get a job.

  • hf2hvit

    That’s about the same as banging a hooker and then having him/her arrested for being …A HOOKER.

  • tazz602

    @Greg: He is the attorney – click the link for the “variety of reasons” to see the info on the allegations and the employees suing. The point of this story is basically saying that the attorney that is representing the former employees is Gay which makes him a traitor? Maybe like conservative republican attorneys arguing for Marriage Equality for California?? An attorney does a job, and if he is good, does the job well regardless of the defendant or plaintiff. Unfortunately, IF the allegations can be proven, especially the explicit sexual activities, Mickey’s is gone, not only could it lose money but it could also lose it’s liquor license.

    Don’t blame the attorney suing, blame the owners for allowing it to happen, yes, we all like a good sex show from our go go boys, but there is risk involved on the part of the bar, just like having sex in a rest stop or public park. It happens, but that doesn’t mean we have a right to do it.

  • balehead

    He’s a manipulative opportunist..he should go work for HRC or GLAAD!!….

  • comus

    Krupnick looks like a tool, but I actually hope he has a chilling effect on the West End bar scene. The bar owners have pushed the limit and turned West Hollywood into equal parts Side Show and French Quarter. Bars were popular and packed before go-go boys performed. Then they got the dancers, then they put on multiple dancers, and eventually WeHo became a tacky carnival act. residents don’t like living in a circus. The bar owners might not be the worst people in the world, but they are certainly greedy, selfish people who don’t care about the residents of WeHo.

  • craigers

    All this shows us is that gay attorneys are sleazy, opportunistic a**holes, just like straight ones.

  • Daniel-Reader

    If he’s suing saying the go-go boys create a sexually hostile work environment, then the other employees could sue him for participating in creating that environment using the pictures as evidence and have him disbarred, for participating in supposed illegal activity (i.e. creating a sexually hostile work environment), right? Aren’t lawyers disbarred for participating in such activities? Otherwise it would be massive hypocrisy for the entire legal system, right?

  • Stache1

    @ChiMichael: Of all the things to comment about and that’s what you pick> Lol

  • Ronbo

    He deserves what he is… no, not a lawyer, a hemorrhoid. He inappropriately hangs out with assholes and clings to the anal canal while not helping a bit with stool control.

  • Tackle

    The writer did not do a good job, and the headline is misleading. It should read something like, ( Gay attorney suing West Hollywood gay bar for 15M on behalf of plaintiffs.) That changes things so it dosen’t seem as though the lawyer is suing on behalf of himself. Does he have a case, maybe. I’m gonna guess that some Black & heterosexual sexual employees felt they were denied advancements and promotions due to them being Black & heterosexual. And about the go-go boys creating a sexually hostile work environment. If were dealing with the go-go boys making unwarranted sexual advances or sexually harassing fellow employees. And if management eas mafe aware of this and did nothing, He/they (plaintiff’s) might have a case…

  • Snapper59

    Gay or straight, I wonder what his rep is among other attorneys for his apparently riding his mommy’s coattails. According to the article as a previous successful attorney herself, she pretty much pays his rent, comes out of “retirement” to do his publicity. The little princess.

  • Tackle

    Typo: if management was made.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Tackle: the writer did want he intended to do. Like it or not, this is a blog, not CNN. Though perhaps you would prefer Fox News. Look, if those straight employees had a problem with gay stuff happening in a gay bar, they are homophobes, period. He is a traitor for representing homophones for the sake of money. Screw him and screw his creepazoid mother.

  • DarkZephyr

    Homophobe, not homophone.

  • Tackle

    @DarkZephyr: No I do not prefer Fox news & obviously the writers misleading headling is to provoke. I’ll admit, it worked. So going by your logic, if a gay person were to work in a predominantly heterosexual environment would it be ok for him to be harassed sexually by straight women? Gay or straight I believe a person should not be sexually harassed in a working environment. Or outside of it.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Tackle: where does it say that anyone was personally sexually harassed? The heterosexual employees were bothered by activity between GAY patrons and the GAY Gogo boys. Activity that did not involve them. They were merely uncomfortable around gay activity that was happening in a gay bar based on the allegations listed on the page linked in the article. Personally I have had to query deal with over heterosexual activity happening around me ALL my life. So screw those straight bigots and their two back stabbing lawyers.

  • DarkZephyr


  • Tackle

    @DarkZrphey: It did not say nor did I I was rather vauge. In my first post I used the word “If”.My third post was a hypothetical situation about sexual harassment in response to what you wrote about straights working in a gay environment. BTW I’m sure you know that work place sexual harassment can envolve two people being sexual in the open.

  • lab

    @Tackle: first this lawyer is a bottom feeder ambulance chaser…the lowest of the low in the lawyer business…”he doesn’t get paid” bottom tier lawyer. second, if you take a job in a gay bar with go go boys then you have to be prepared to see some skin and gay patrons being gay…your defense is whiny and absurd and by the photos it looks like the lawyer might have been one of the offending patrons

  • balehead

    No real surprise here…all gay activists are just looking for fame or a lawsuit….

  • MrEguy

    This entire suit is based on pure avarice. What, are the bar employees suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from seeing bouncing boners, stretched out spanx and c*ck rings? Oh my eyes!! Gimme a break.

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