Meet Michael Jackson’s Secret (and Possibly Crazy) Lover


Did you know not-gay Michael Jackson had a secret gay lover! It’s true, because a magazine published his story.

Jason Pfeiffer, described as “a heavily built, 35-year-old employee of Michael’s dermatologist Dr Arnold Klein,” claims he and Michael were getting in on. Or at least going on secret car rides around Beverly Hills together. Same diff, right?

“I’ve lost my soul mate, it’s very hard to describe the loss I feel but there is something that is empty in my heart,” Pfeiffer tells Women’s Day. Things started getting “hot and heavy” over the phone, then “progressed with a number of discreet meetings, after Michael had asked Jason to give him a ride home,” reports the magazine. “He says they met secretly many times, both at the star’s rented home in Beverly Hills and at Jason’s office.

“I guess our first ‘date’, if you can call it that, was in my car,” says Jason. “We went for a drive and were talking and having fun, but Michael had his minders who were ‘nosey’, as Michael put it.

“We had to make sure we were not caught, and although the date was short as I had to take him home before anyone noticed, we had a great time.

“I thought nobody else knew [about us] but have since discovered that others did surmise the truth.”

Jason —who reveals that they even shared last Christmas together with Michael’s children and a few close friends —says the plastic surgery-ravaged star was devastated by his appearance. He liked reliving the glory days of his career, but he wouldn’t look at old pictures.

“He did not like looking at old photos of himself and didn’t want his children to see them either,” says Jason.

Without the full article in front of us (it hits stands later this week), we don’t know how much more detailed Pfeiffer’s account gets. But we imagine the teaser article would at least include some dirt, like insights into the pair’s sexual relationship — and it doesn’t. Which makes this whole account read like a sorry man who probably took Jackson’s insurance card in the dermatologist’s waiting room, and then created a whole fantasy world where the two were lovers.