Meet Michael Jackson’s Secret (and Possibly Crazy) Lover


Did you know not-gay Michael Jackson had a secret gay lover! It’s true, because a magazine published his story.

Jason Pfeiffer, described as “a heavily built, 35-year-old employee of Michael’s dermatologist Dr Arnold Klein,” claims he and Michael were getting in on. Or at least going on secret car rides around Beverly Hills together. Same diff, right?

“I’ve lost my soul mate, it’s very hard to describe the loss I feel but there is something that is empty in my heart,” Pfeiffer tells Women’s Day. Things started getting “hot and heavy” over the phone, then “progressed with a number of discreet meetings, after Michael had asked Jason to give him a ride home,” reports the magazine. “He says they met secretly many times, both at the star’s rented home in Beverly Hills and at Jason’s office.

“I guess our first ‘date’, if you can call it that, was in my car,” says Jason. “We went for a drive and were talking and having fun, but Michael had his minders who were ‘nosey’, as Michael put it.

“We had to make sure we were not caught, and although the date was short as I had to take him home before anyone noticed, we had a great time.

“I thought nobody else knew [about us] but have since discovered that others did surmise the truth.”

Jason —who reveals that they even shared last Christmas together with Michael’s children and a few close friends —says the plastic surgery-ravaged star was devastated by his appearance. He liked reliving the glory days of his career, but he wouldn’t look at old pictures.

“He did not like looking at old photos of himself and didn’t want his children to see them either,” says Jason.

Without the full article in front of us (it hits stands later this week), we don’t know how much more detailed Pfeiffer’s account gets. But we imagine the teaser article would at least include some dirt, like insights into the pair’s sexual relationship — and it doesn’t. Which makes this whole account read like a sorry man who probably took Jackson’s insurance card in the dermatologist’s waiting room, and then created a whole fantasy world where the two were lovers.

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  • SouLKid

    He’s crazy!

  • emb

    I somehow thought MJ was more interested in the, um, younger and less heavily-built.

  • annie

    I knew, that after Ian Halperin’s book crazy men will come out claiming to be his lovers, as long as crazy women and crazy friends claiming to be biological parents of his children. But why the hell should this crap be published?
    By the way, #2, just for the record, Michael Jackson was intersted in younger and less heavily-built…females.

  • naprem

    Ummm… that’s a no.

  • Chris

    I was also Michael Jackson’s secret lover. We used to play Scrabble and he’d let me push him around in his wheelchair while reciting lines from “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”

  • osocubano

    He does look rather childlike…

  • redball81

    “heavily built”? wow euphemism of the day. i’m sorry but if your bmi is over 30 you are straight-up obese honayyy

  • Anthony in Nashville

    It was inevitable that people would start to claim their status as MJ’s gay lover.

    MJ’s sexuality was so indecipherable that I think he may have been the only one sure of his orientation. Yes, rumors of him being gay date back to the 70s, but he was married twice, and Lisa Marie hasn’t indicated that their sex life was nonexistent or boring. Plus there’s that 20-something European “love child” that showed up at the memorial service and seems to be acknowledged as MJ’s kid by the family.

  • osocubano

    @Anthony in Nashville: Most women who marry gay men keep mum about their sex life. nobody likes to admit they didn’t have one.

  • Anon

    Someone like Michael who watched his weight so closely would never be interested in a fat slob.
    This guy’s story keeps changing in his bid to get attention.

  • Margit

    Another lie! Another parasite!

    Not to mention the physical attraction of that man. Disgusting!

  • wwmjd

    Oh brother.
    What do Rowe, Shaffel, and Pfiffer have in common? They all met MJ through Klein and are living pretty well on the money they scammed from MJ. Pathetic souls, right up there with Geller and Halperin. Disgusting.

  • fern

    My guess also is Michael preferred the company of younger men, probably in their early twenties. He may have tried relationships with women or had some “lesbian” type interest in them but I believe his romantic yearnings (realized or unrealized) was for men, and that this was part of his self-loathing/insecurities. Michael never seemed to really be able to accept himself or love himself.

    Omer Bhatti was a protege of Michael’s, not his “love child”. They did seem very close and the family seems to feel he is part of the family, which is interesting. I also found an interesting video starring Omer and featuring many references to MJ.


  • LouiseTofilau

    if he is gay, well so what…theres nothing wrong wit being gay…so leave him alone…i swear, these people are not gonna get over him, everyday theres a new story about him, if not him, its his kids……

  • Dunja Funja

    I dont believe this story, MJ was very focussed on beauty.
    This guy was working for Klein, that was giving him a lot of these drugs that killed MJ. Maybe Pfeiffer was one of the guys giving his name for prescribing etc.
    We dont have an idea whats going on aound MJ now, its all about money and keeping the secrets.
    I remember the time when MJ said: “Sony sucks” and the business fell down 20%. Thats the real danger!

  • Cristina


    LOL, had never seen that video… though had heard about it. Well, does that put the discussion to rest?. He must have like women…

  • Praise the lord our god

    man some of you guys do know what your talking about mj was so heterosexual lisa always said mj was great in bed plus he always flirted with women even in his documentary living with michael jackson when he flirted with the 2 ladys and when he had his signing for his cd invincible in 2001 he had he got like 2 girls numbers and flirted with alot of gurls plus he had an ongoing relationship with 1 of the women but she cheated on him and he dump her so keep sayin what u want only god knows the truth and mj god bless his sold. Plus Mj was a jehovah Witness so thats a sin to be gay An abomination
    in god eyes his eyes his mothers eyes and in my eyes. thats why he fired Ian Halperin because he do gay porn nasty self!! and michael mom would not approve of this garbage and mj did not either . so mj aint gay i dnt care what nobody say.

    Jesus Loves,Saves,Cares,Protects,and Blesses Glory To Your Name King Jesus You Reign For Ever And Ever Amen.

  • smart032000

    Mike had a thing for long-legged women in stelettos. that fat joker does not fit he bill. sorry, he’s not truthful here.

  • speed_demon


  • marcella

    tht nigga was gay maybe not to that fat white nigga but he was a jew

  • JLa

    Here are reasons why I think this guy is full of [email protected]
    1) he works for Arnie Klein
    a)who sold a car MJ like to ride to make money
    b) said MJ liked to pee in a cup for fun
    c) started a lawsuit against MJ estate b/c of a Jacket MJ

    2) This guy is getting paid by Extra for this story
    3)If MJ was gay which there is nothing wrong with it Why at 50 yrs old was he hiding it? When people are more excepting now?
    4) Michaels bodyguards who were not paid by Good Morning America or any of the Jackson ppl stated Michael would make out with girls in the back of the car.
    5) Michael being a person whom was followed every place her went by mobs of fans how come no one noticed this love affair. If it was in his car where they met how come none of the bodyguards are not trying to make money off this story.
    I dont believe this story things don’t add up when Arnie is involved!

  • earthgirl


    I totally agree, MJ was not gay. No, not at all, no doubt!! Besides Jermaine didn’t say to any respect that he thought his brother was gay, he just said that he attracted gay men. That comment does not insinuate that he thought his brother was gay. In fact, the reason why Jermaine said his brother treated women like the plaque is because of what he witnessed Jermaine and his wife and most of the other male/female relationships he saw growing up were not positive. Yes, he avoided women but that does not prove he was gay. I personally avoid men because of a couple bad marriages, my father cheating on my mother, etc., but I am not gay. I just choose to live alone because it’s less hectic and I’m happier that way. It’s a choice. This guy Jason claims he has an audio tape of Michael leaving him a message. “Extra” played part of it Thursday but they haven’t aired the rest of it. I’m very curious to know the context of the message MJ left him. Because it was Michaels voice on the tape. All they aired was; “Hi Jason, it’s me Michael”. Anyone knows, please comment. Thanks.

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