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Meet Pete Buttigieg’s “secret weapon” when it comes to fundraising

Chasten Buttigieg on the campaign trail (Photo: @Chas10Buttigieg | Twitter)

Mayor Pete Buttigieg continues to haul in campaign donations for his 2020 White House bid compared to many of his fellow Democratic candidates. The reason: his husband Chasten.

 “He’s something of a secret weapon for this campaign,” Pete told Politico of his husband. “Chasten … really embodies a lot of the values of this campaign.”

Junior high school teacher Chasten maintains a popular Twitter account with almost half a million followers and has become a fixture at Buttigieg fundraising events. That offers a twofold advantage: in addition to furthering the cash haul, Chasten’s appearances help take the pressure off Pete to appear at every event. That affords him more time to make television appearances or speaking to voters in the field.

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Fundraising by political spouses is nothing new. In contemporary times, the bankability of spouses like Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama all helped propel their husbands to the White House, and helped solidify their reelections. Chasten Buttigieg joins the ranks of breadwinners. According to Politico’s estimates, while Mayor Pete brings in, on average, $100,000 per appearance, Chasten can net at least a third of that–quite an achievement for a spouse.

Pete Buttigieg is the first openly gay man to seek the nomination of a major political party. As such, “Chasten for First Gentleman” has become one of his campaign’s many slogans. It appears Chasten is doing his part to earn the title, which is fine by us.