Show Offs

Meet Queerty’s Favorite YouTube Flexers


YouTube isn’t just for uploading anti-gay rants and Beyonce choreography — it’s also a place where men who fancy themselves hot enough for public consumption upload ego massages! These mostly consist of them flexing, lifting weights, and general showing off in front of a camera. We’ve wasted precious working hours scouring for a few of our favorite show-offs.

Recipe: White underwear, camera angled from below.

Appeal: Ass shots, basically.

Recipe: Lift shirt to reveal washboard abs, perform pushups in jockstrap.

Appeal: “Fitness trainer” Michael Fitt has a series of DVDs he sells. He gets naked in his latest one. Surely his clientele purchase his workout videos to train.

Recipe: Curls and pushups in the driveway? That’s just a preview till I show you the gym in the garage!

Appeal: It’s a free look at self-proclaimed “muscle sensation” Tyler Southwick, who otherwise charges for access to his website.

Recipe: Flex whole body while letting the camera only get a close up of my crotch.

Appeal: Like, great legs … and stuff.

Recipe: Fresh-from-the-gym, haven’t-had-carbs-in-weeks flexing in a Speedo. Indoors and outdoors!

Appeal: He bills himself as having the “world’s best body,” but it looks like he lives in one of the “world’s least cleanly apartments.”

Recipe: Pushups on a lifeguard chair at the beach.

Appeal: He loves his body more than we could ever love him.

Recipe: A collection of “freak muscle teen” bodybuilders getting ready for competition.

Appeal: There’s such a thing as too much bronzer.

Recipe: Shirtless, live (to tape) from a dorm room!

Appeal: Two amateur wieghtlifters for the price of one.

Recipe: Curling really heavy weights to awkward music, then showing off your acid wash jeans.

Appeal: We’re not sure what there’s more of here: ego or steroids.