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Meet Sarah Palin’s Congressional Candidate: The Abortion Loving, Anti-Gay Welfare Cheat

Incoherent moose murderess Sarah Palin has endorsed Star Parker for California’s 37th congressional district! And what does this rising star of conservatism have to say about gay marriage? Namely that it causes HIV. Did we mention that Ms. Parker once “helped rob a liquor store at gunpoint, aborted four babies in two years, or bilked the welfare system out of thousands of dollars”? Oh we did? Awesome.

Here’s the money shot from Star’s tirade against legalizing gay marriage in D.C.:

“According to DC’s HIV/AIDS office, three percent of the local population has HIV or AIDS. The Administrator of this office notes that this HIV/AIDS incidence is “…higher than West Africa…on par with Uganda and some parts of Kenya.” And the principal way that HIV is transmitted continues to be through male homosexual activity.

Amidst this dismal picture, the DC City Council, perhaps on the theory that serving up another glass of wine is the way to help a drunk, is scheduled to vote on December 1 to legalize same sex marriage in America’s capital city … It should concern every American as we watch our nation’s capital city transform officially into Sodom.”

Oooh! Bonus points for the bible bashing! She also goes on to note D.C.’s AIDS crisis is most prominent among blacks, so presumably she doesn’t want blacks to marry either; she’ll get to work on that once she’s in Congress.

But you lezzies should take heart in the fact that Star only targets gay marriage because of HIV transmitted “through male homosexual activity.” That means she’s probably okay with she-devil brides turning D.C. into a Satanic sexpit — we’ll see you at the reception with our pentagrams and kidnapped child sacrifices.

Oh wait. People for the American Way thinks she’s insane too? Good, we were worried it was only us.