Meet Simon: Your New Favorite Male Vlogger Who Loves His Vagina

Simon begins “My Genital Affirmation with this: “First thing’s first—my vagina prefers male pronouns. If you don’t understand that, then you probably wont understand anything my vagina has to say and should probably just stop playing this clip right now.” But we understood, we listened, and discovered some of the most honest and startling queer poetry we’ve heard in some time. 23-year-old Simon always felt like a boy, has always felt uncomfortable with the “transgender” identity, and is tired of tying his identity being tied to his sexual insecurities. For anyone who has ever wanted to change their body size, appearance, or image in the eyes of others, let Simon explain. He has seen the future and it’s hopeful, messy, and requires bi-weekly injections.

Even though SLOG’s Jesse Vernon turned us onto Simon’s funny yet bold “My Genital Affirmation” he made that video like 1,000 years ago (re: 3 months ago). We’re actually more in love with his video entitled “GID and Desire” which he uploaded less than a week ago.

In it, he admits:

I wish I could grow a beard or a moustache… I wish my jaw line was more definedthat I didn’t have to do injections every 14 days… I wish I had broader shoulders and didn’t slouch, bigger biceps, veiny forearms.

I wish the people who dated me and lovers and friends and those who denied me, didn’t see this as what makes me and defines me. I wish my insecurities weren’t tokenized or theorized. I wish my identity wasn’t defined by my insecurities, my flaws, what I want to change and what I hate about myself.

I wish I hadn’t had to prove my self-hate in order to prove that I am who I am to therapists, to doctors, to myself and to the world—I wish the system was different.

In the past, some Queerty commenters have complained about LGBs being lumped in with the Ts, that we have nothing in common, and that trans and intersex people jumped on “our movement” just to have more allies. That’s not only unfair but it’s also inaccurate. When so much of “our movement” has hinged on the freedom to express our gender and sexuality free from confining social pre-conceptions, Simon’s poetry reveals the T has a lot more in common with the entire human alphabet and not just the LGBs.