Meet SuperGay: The iPhone’s Strangely Misogynist Superqueero

Barcelona publisher Klicrainbow has just released a new game for the iPhone featuring what they say is the world’s first openly gay video game superhero. It’s called SuperGay and in it, newly out Dr. Tom Palmer fights off an army of scantily clad women cloned from his ex-girlfriends. A gay man beating up women… great.

SuperGay features 10 rainbow-blasting levels filled with fighting, racing and techno dancing. Considering Apple’s recent censoring of Exodus International’s abusive ex-gay app, I heartily applaud the inclusion of a gay superhero onto the iPhone app store.

The game’s plot mimics the gay-friendly movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (where Scott had to defeat his girlfriend’s seven deadly exes). But we’re not completely down with Supergay’s woman-pummeling.

Is the idea that these women turned him gay? Or that he should hate them just because they’re his exes? Or do the women hate him for being gay? Or were his exes always just genuinely evil? We don’t get it.

Don’t get us wrong—we’re all for female super villains and for female foot soldiers finally infiltrating action games normally dominated by male foes. But setting a gay man up to abuse women for fun doesn’t sit well with us, especially when we know gay men who find actual women icky. Couldn’t they have at least included a cool helpful female sidekick or ally to help SuperGay along?

It could be worse though… at least SuperGay isn’t an anti-semetic kidnapper.