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Meet Tana, World’s First French Bulldog To Be Identified As Intersex

Tana, a French Bulldog believed to be female, has become the world’s first of its breed to be identified as intersex. Spanish veterinarians were “alerted by an enlarged clitoris” and decided to check on Tana’s undercarriage, where they discovered internal testes. Tests found that while Tana is chromosomally XX female, she developed male sex organs “due to the presence of other genes that determined the formation of testicles in the absence of the genes present on the Y chromosome.” Meanwhile the vets decided there could somehow be long-term problems by having intersex genitalia (can someone explain this?), so they removed her internal testes and sterilized her. To be sure Tana isn’t the first dog discovered to be intersex (some 18 breeds have been identified, including Beagles and Chinese Pugs), but she is the first French Bulldog. So bully to her! [Note: That is not Tana in the photo]