Meet The Brother + Sister That Will Get Married If You Don’t Oust Iowa’s Supreme Court Justices

Spoofing an eHarmony ad Tim Hicks, proud member of the Cornerstone World Outreach Church in Sioux City, would like to thank the Iowa Supreme Court for the inevitable: After legalizing same-sex marriage, the Court totally paved the way for brothers and sisters to get hitched as well. Ohhh, so this is why we need to unseat those three Supreme Court justices? Ya know, I didn’t want to stereotype, but then I remembered this study showing poor old male Christians are the most likely to support the removal of the judges. [via]

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  • peteNsfo


    Are people in Iowa that stupid? That’s never been my impression.

  • Avenger

    That was pretty funny. LOL

  • ChicagoJimmy

    Another reason judges should not be subject to elections and thus, party politics.

  • kenny

    Blah blah blah yet ANOTHER one of these stupid videos that are supposed to prove some kind of IGNORANT point. Gay marriage isnt about a man getting married to his dog or a brother getting married to his sister its about LOVE sheesh.These people are so stuck in the past.I bet this church also doesnt think its right for a white man to be married to a black women either.Morons.

  • ewe

    Maybe they will move to Utah and join the Mormons.

  • Sug Night

    I think the parents of these two might be brother and sister….

  • eg

    According to recent reports, even if they are “outsted” their decision will remain as most new judges won’t overturn a decsion made by a previous court. Could it happen….maybe, but chances are slim to none. This was a unanimous decsion by 7 on the bench…not just the three on the ballot. Many of the under educated, blue haired, zealots who think they run this state also think they are lawyers and justices. I hope that our GLBT brothers and sisters can put down their cocktails and turn off the golden girls for 30 mins to go vote to retain these justices. We can’t rely on the straight voters to do this for us….sigh.

  • SoylentDiva

    Legal same-sex marriage paved the way for legal incest and bestiality…much the way legal religion paved the way for legal human sacrifice and polygamy.

    Slippery slopes are so fucking stupid.

  • Jon B

    Have to give credit where credit is due… while the message is simply absurd, it was done more creatively than most of the videos their side has been able to come up with…

  • Enron

    I must admit, Tim is a cutie and I like his helium voice too which gives me a bit of suspicions about him. Can anyway say closet? :)

  • Matt

    Oh good, more nonsense rhetoric. Just what we need.

  • ThatRandomGuy

    i would bang the dude.

  • Vman455

    Nice straw man. Too bad marriage between opposite-sex family members is still prohibited under Iowa Code Chapter 595.19 and will remain so, and this fake “issue” is completely irrelevant to any debate over same-sex marriage.

  • wannabegay2

    Marriage=union between two individual who are not blood-related, who love each other and are willing to freely join this partnership.

  • jason

    Incestuous marriage and gay marriage are two different paradigms. A ban on incestuous marriage does not prevent the two parties from becoming married to other parties to whom they are sexually attracted. A ban on gay marriage prevents the parties from becoming married to anybody to whom they are sexually attracted.

  • Dallas David

    If they can’t reproduce, I don’t see any reason for the government to intrude. The unhappy consequenses would be borne by their kids who’d have genetic/physical problems.
    So if they’ve been spayed and neutered, no big deal.
    It’s kinda weird, though.

  • AL

    @Dallas David

    Remember, marriage is not a requirement for having children (or sex) and children are not a guaranteed result of getting married, despite how many religious nutbags would like to think otherwise. It would be reckless for related persons to have children but we do have birth control now.

    So in my opinion, yes it would be weird but there really is no valid reason to deny a marriage contract between consenting adults, as children are not the sole reason for a marriage.

    Though I won’t say it publicly, I do think that gay marriage will eventually lead to things such as plural marriage, which I have no problem with as long as all parties consent to it.

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