Meet the Chris Hansen of Gay Hook-Up Sites, if you’ve never been, is exactly the type of website you’d expect to pop up when you enter the word “squirt” followed by “dot-org” in your world wide web browser. But it’s been operating clandestinely, outside the public consciousness, until now!

It takes an ambitious muckraking journalist like Alan Ballsach to strip down, sign on, and start chatting to expose the dark underbelly of online cruising.

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  • nikko


  • clark

    Pretty funny. I had no idea there really was a site called squirt. I guess there’s no shortage of ways to get into trouble!

  • BoyButter

    Squirt is what you get if Craigslist was meshed with Manhunt but made to function at a 56-yr old’s speed – ie SLOOOW. From my experience its really only useful in finding out where the cruising spots (if any) are in your local area.

  • James_From_The_Great_City_of_Cambridge

    Queerty does realize that that was a very, very clever ad for right?

  • Coffeelover

    This is a brilliant spoof. I’ve been a fan and a frequent squirter for years and this is the best piece of promotional material I’ve ever seen for it.

  • That Bitch Téa Delgado

    Yeah, is a lame website, but I’ll give them props for a genuinely hilarious commercial!

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