Meet the Court That Will Decide the Fate of Prop. 8

gavel-3Justice may be blind, but let’s take a look at the seven jurists of the California Supreme Court who will decide within the next 90 days the fate of Proposition 8, the asshat ballot initiative that outlawed gay marriage in the Golden State. In the makeup of the court, we can get a good sense of how they’ll rule.

The Justice Voted In re: Marriage Cases for gay marriage? Voted to Hear Prop. 8 Suit? Fun Fact Likely Vote on Prop. 8
Chief Justice Ronald M. George
Yes Yes As Chief Justice, wrote the majority opinion in last May’s marriage case– a decision that rejected the traditional definition of marriage as “a compelling state interest.” Will seek a remedy that supports minority rights.
Associate Justice Marvin R. Baxter
No Yes The L.A. Times describes his style as “cautious, conservative and competent.” With limited case law supporting a repeal, he’ll vote to uphold Prop. 8.
Associate Justice Ming Chin
No Yes Has a reputation as an attentive listener during oral arguments, usually asking crisp clarifying questions of counsel A member of the dissenting minority, Chin will uphold Prop. 8.
Associate Justice Carol Corrigan
No Yes There’s widespread speculation that Corrigan, who voted against gay marriage, is a lesbian. Corrigan calls herself a centrist.
Associate Justice Joyce L. Kennard
Yes No Kennard has a reputation for aggressive questioning during oral argument and long-winded questions. Kennard is a wild card. She voted for gay marriage, but was the sole justice who didn’t want to have a hearing.
Associate Justice Carlos R. Moreno
Yes Yes Wrote the opinion in Elisa B. v. Superior Court that confirmed that two women could be recognized as parents by the state. Moreno wanted to hold off Prop. 8 taking effect at all until the hearing, so we’re pretty certain he’ll vote to overturn the ban.
Associate Justice Kathryn Werdegar
Yes Yes Werdegar was wary of the court intervening in gay marriage during the initial hearing, but sided with the majority. Since the earliest voters could boot her off the bench is 2014, expect Werdegar to vote her conscience.
The Justice Voted In re Marriage Cases for gay marriage?
Voted to Hear Prop. 8 Suit? Fun Fact Likely Vote on Prop. 8