Meet The Ill-Informed SeaWorld Employee Who Wants To Spearhead The “Gays For Trump” Movement


Meet Kyle Kittleson, an animal behaviorist, SeaWorld employee and proud Donald Trump supporter.

“After much debate I’ve decided I need to come clean about something,” Kittleson says in his latest vlog. “I’m tired of living a lie, so here it is: I’m gay… and I support Trump. And not in an ironic way either. Like, I really support him.”

Kittleson goes on to explain all the reasons why he likes Trump, which include his views on infrastructure, his thoughts on immigration and… his stance on LGBTQ equality? Wait… What?

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Kittleson (incorrectly) explains: “Long before Hillary Clinton supported equal marriage and gay rights, Donald Trump supported equal rights for everybody. Granted he didn’t want it to be called marriage, but he did advocate for unions with legal equal rights.”

To be clear: Trump has been a long-time opponent of same-sex marriage and he’s flip-flopped quite a few times over whether he supports domestic partnerships. He also just received an endorsement from crazed antigay pastor James David Manning (AKA Semen Latte Guy), and he recently attended an event hosted by the FRC honoring Kim Davis.

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Call us crazy, but that doesn’t sound like an LGBTQ advocate to us.

Oh, and as for those claims that Trump is a racist and a misogynist, Kittleson has this to say: “A lot of you are probably thinking, how can you support a guy who insults women and hates Mexicans? Well, I don’t really think he hates anybody, or at least not because of their race. The whole insulting women thing? That’s just a political play.”

Watch the charming video below. Or don’t.