Meet The Interns: Lance

intern lance

In the next few weeks we’re going to ask you to say hello to our new interns. First up is Lance. Lance lives in Seattle and brings another West Coast perspective to the site. He’ll be writing, reporting, and searching for stories. Since he is 3,000 miles away from Queerty headquarters he’ll sadly miss traditional intern responsibilities like getting us coffee or cleaning the windows. Rather than listen to us, we’ll let Lance describe himself:

“My name is Lance. I work for a corporation; one of those huge nationwide corporations where you have an employee id number and use words like “metrics” and “collaborate” at least five times daily. I’m also a really gay black man. I’m 23 years old and entering my last quarter at the University of Washington where I’m completing my degree in Sociology. Working for the corporation sort of just happened to me–a means to and end to support my gay lifestyle while getting my degree. Who else is going to pay for my Prada man bag? Yet, it’s been a really great experience in the big scheme of things and has fueled my passion for writing.

Having lived in Mississippi , southern Germany, and now in Seattle with my gay black self, I’ve cultivated somewhat of a unique perspective and have a couple things on my mind for sharing. I love my gays and I’m passionate about issues that affect us. And I do mean all issues; from ensuring that none of us have unibrows to ensuring that we have equal rights. They’re both equally important, right? Plus, I’m a pop culture fanatic. Reading blogs is my religion. Ultimately, I’d like a writing career that could combine the two: my love for those things sociological in scope coupled with my desire to read every article in the world having to do with Jake Gyllenhaal and his new ‘it’ dog.”

If you’re a Seattle-based musical act, shop, theater, promoter, whatever, then Lance is your man. His email is

Say hello, send him ideas, and welcome him aboard.