Meet The Lesbian Couple That Obama’s Gonna Tear Apart Today

So Obama wants to start concentrating on deporting national security risks rather than legally married bi-national lesbian couples? OK then, why doesn’t he start today by not deporting Sujey, a Mexican lesbian who got physically and sexually assaulted in Mexico just for her sexual identity? Today an Immigration Judge in Denver will decide whether to deport Sujey from Violeta, her legally-married wife and partner of five years.

The couple met in 2006 at a gay bar called El Protrero. Sujey would help Violeta study for her degree in Criminal Justice by staying up late and reading her term papers. Within two months they moved in together and combined all their pets—four dogs: Honey, Briza, Akira and Rocko; 2 cats: Kissie and Soulen; and a red tail Boa named Destiny—in a sort of animalian Brady Bunch. They got matching tattoos with each other’s names when they got engaged and then finally tied the knot two years later when they married in Iowa on November 15, 2010. It was the happiest day of their lives.

Sujey’s grandma used to abused her for being a tom boy. One of her family member repeatedly raped her to “show her how to be a girl.” She often experienced so much physical pain that she couldn’t play sports in school; when they sent her home, her uncle would beat her up. Finally at age 16, her family threw her out of the house, which is when she called her mother in America to help her. Her mother refused, but her mother’s stepfather intervened which is how Sujey came to America.

When Sujey got pulled over in a routine traffic stop in 2008, a cop discovered her undocumented status and placed her in immigration proceedings. If Sujey gets deported, Violeta will follow her—and thus the so-called Defense of Marriage Act has made yet another hardworking, tax-paying, and legally married American citizen have to choose between their spouse and their country.

It’s interesting that Sujey came into America as an “illegal immigrant” as most of the foreign partners of bi-national gay couples we’ve heard about have entered the U.S. legally under a student or work visa. It’d be easy to paint Sujey as a criminal because of her illegal residence here, but that ignores the larger issue that if she had been a married man, she still would have become a naturalized citizen with a green card under American law. There’s no sense in dividing bi-national gay couples into “good ones” and “bad ones” as it does nothing to address the many inequities forced upon second-class citizen gay couples.

According to Violeta’s lawyer, gay immigration superstar Lavi Salloway:

I will impress upon the judge that a final decision on deportation that had been scheduled for today at 2:30 p.m. must be delayed in light of yesterday’s announcement by the administration. Both U.S. Senators representing Colorado, Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, have communicated with ICE and requested feedback on the status of this case, thanks to grass roots support by the LGBT binational couple community and the immigrant rights community in Colorado.

So will Obama stay true to his own word or deport yet another gay couple and enforce DOMA while at the same time declaring it unconstitutional?