Meet The Lesbian Muslim Who Says Trump Is Her Dad

muslim lesbian

Have you heard about Donald Trump‘s Muslim daughter? No? Well, that’s probably because she’s not real. It’s a parody project by some Chicagoans, mining the election for jokes. But series creator Fawzia Mirza has serious intentions.

Annoyed by Trump’s politics, Mirza created a character named Ayesha Trump, put on a wig and a silly blazer, and staged an interview in which she said what pretty much everyone’s been saying about the GOP frontrunner.

Mirza, an out lesbian, is accustomed to speaking out online. Internet videos were her means of coming out to the world, though she doesn’t talk to her family about it. In part, she said, that’s because for LGBT Muslims, there’s just so much to come out about — from being queer to moving on from old traditions.

According to a profile on Mirza in the Daily Beast, many Muslims have a dim view of anyone who isn’t heterosexual — attitudes derived mostly from the Bible, which Islam accepts as a hold text. The Qur’an is mostly silent on the topic.

Still, there are those doing what they can to bridge the divide between religion and tolerance. Groups like Muslims for Progressive Values have stepped up their efforts to reach out to LGBTs in major cities like L.A. There’s also an annual LGBT Muslim Retreat every spring. While Muslims once felt they had to choose between their religion and their sexual orientation, that’s no longer always the case.

Ultimately, of course, there’s one person who definitely wants nothing to do with the intersection of LGBT and Islam, and that’s Donald Trump. He’s declared himself an enemy of both groups, so the work of people like Mirza is likely to get under his skin — that is, if he ever finds out of about it. Given Trump’s disinterest in learning about people who aren’t like him, that seems unlikely.