Meet the Lizard Queens Who Reproduce without Men!

Kansas geneticist Aracely Lutes bred a a Western whiptail lizard and a Chihuahuan spotted whiptail lizard to create a hybrid of lizard that has the ability to reproduce without sex – creating genetically identical female daughters cloned directly from their mothers. Can we please transmute this amazing ability to women so they don’t have to depend on dumb men just to have a baby?

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  • TikiHead

    There are already several wild populations of lizards that are parthenogenetic. I guess the news is that the scientist was able to replicate it.

    Sexual reproduction is essential to evolution and adaptation. A genetically uniform population is prone to pandemics. Humans, in fact, are already considered dangerously genetically uniform, because of a catastrophe in our distant past. Its estimated humanity was down to thirty breeding age females at that point. Say no to cloning for people.

  • divkid

    queerty: meet the lizard queens that reproduce without men.

    um, a minor point, but i would aver that *all* lizards already reproduce without the input of “MEN”; though since the advent of the GOProud crowd the confusion is entirely understandable.

    as for this breakthrough is this not just ya standard parthenogenesis, already well documented amongst lizards, alongside some other species, most annoyingly in aphids – those pesky (un)fucking bastard bitches.

  • jose

    No actually, men have to depend on dumb women who cant make up their monds about anything including sexuality. I honestly cant stand lesbians, i dont believe a woman can be gay. Every lesbian ive asked whether being gay is a choice said it was, a real gay person knos its not. My sister claimed she was a lesbian and shes with a man now. I dont respect lesbians, and they should not be grouped with gay men who dont choose who theyre attracted to. They set our cause back by years.

  • divkid

    NURSE! NURSE! jose has escaped off the ward again. you know he’s not allowed to have contact with the outside world. not after THE INCIDENT.

  • declanto

    Where did I leave that chloroform?

  • Joe Clark

    Yes, in the Queerty ideology, fathers are dumb. No wonder you’re sissies.

  • Anon

    @Joe Clark: Oh, be nithe!

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