Meet the Minnesota Republican Homo Who (Maybe) Wants to be Governor


sUndoubtedly, it’ll be an uphill battle. It’s just something State Sen. Paul Koering happens to know a little about. Brainerd Dispatch: “Koering, 44, the state’s only openly gay Republican legislator, announced his sexual orientation during his first term, in April of 2005. He went seven ballots before winning his party’s endorsement for re-election in 2006, fought off a primary challenge and then won re-election. […] Koering was the focus of statewide attention when he first announced his sexual orientation. He said it became an issue during his campaign for the Republican endorsement and in that party’s 2006 primary but it has become a non-issue in recent years. ‘It’s not an issue that I tend to be championing,’ Koering said. ‘The issues that I tend to be working on our health care and veterans affairs, agriculture and other issues like that.'”