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  • Shofixti


    April ’79

    What is coming out supposed to achieve? The processes that happened in my mind, my peer group, my family were all different and happened over time. I am still coming out now – out of misconceptions, out of weakness, out of lack of vision. If I came out in some grand gesture – what would I be telling other people? That they were right for one moment to think of me according to hegemonic masculinity or within heteronormativity. I don’t see how ‘coming out’ would really challenge any of that when it plays into the power of the closet, the power of their biases and the power of heteronormativity to prescribe binaries. Would they learn anything new – or simply slot me into another category of irrelevance?

    My mom.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    Get a blog.

  • sportsguy1983

    So only 2 guys provided the year they were born? Only women don’t like giving out their age (which is completely ridiculous).

  • breslowilario

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  • NoelG

    No blacks, no Asians, no transgendered. Eight of them white. For some reason, I thought 1G5G would present a more diverse, not less diverse cast.

  • Morgman

    How about a man over 40 or over 50! We are still alive and guess what? It is because of us that young queers have the freedom to do a show like yours!!

  • hotshot70

    @Morgman, I agree. The show has had nothing but “twink-ish” guys. Now, I liked most of them from last group, but I was hoping they would get some guys closer to my age. Its 5 guys, not boys.

  • stranded

    the original cast, went from normal guys, to completely full of themselves. Even though it makes sense for television, they got rid of the nice personality guys, to more dramatic personalities. It’s not their fault, it’s just what happens when you get famous, i guess. These new guys, i dunno, maybe i’ll watch. I do agree with others that i was hoping for more diversity, especially in race. Though i would hope for diversity when it comes to age and gender, part of me understand that they’re forming their group to focus in on their demographic (probably 15-30 year old gay males). Why should lesbians, over 35, transgender and those who are HIV + be tied to a special show. Isn’t the point of the show is understanding gay society?

  • hotshot70

    Rafay looks like a geek. Nash – Lance Bass wannabe. Steven looks like younger version of guy from last group. Brad has a weird looking tooth. Gabriel is a mini- Yerksa (sp?). Ben Winn, looks too young to know anything (the new Matt Barker?) The rest will be totally forgettable before long. *yawn*

  • redspyder

    There was an old cast?

    Never even heard of it…

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