Meet The One Minnesota Republican Who Voted Against Minnesota’s Anti-Gay Measure

It took getting his legs blown off in Iraq to help Republican Representative John Kriesel realize that his fellow gay troops deserve the same rights to a family and children as he—talk about a cloud with silver lining! Here’s the speech he gave in the Minnesotan House of Representatives last night amid cheers from protestors in the rotunda. Even though the state statute already disallows marriage equality, the Minnesota legislature passed the bill, enlisting us all in the long electoral battle over equality. We’ll need conservative advocates and voices such as Kriesel to help convince voters that their gay neighbors deserve the right to exist every bit as much as they.

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  • jack

    he was actually one of four R’s who voted against

  • Mark

    @jack: You’re exactly right and all 4 deserve a round of applause for having the courage to stand up to the bigots.

  • popopopopopo

    Actually…it’s four, but I’m not surprised. Queerty has always been known to get facts wrong and just plug sensationalism to the max in order to get viewership. You guys should probably take some more time to actually READ the news before posting articles.

  • declanto

    @mimilove202: Drop dead, slut.

  • declanto

    Two dems voted for. Who are they and how can you NOT be exposing them to their constituents for the bigots they are?

  • Ruhlmann

    Thank whatever holds the universe together that I was born in Canada. Even most of our conservatives are not so mean spirited. I became aware of my sexuality a few years after decriminalisation. That and a Prime Minister who bravely confronted Parliament with his “government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation” comment were so validating and hopeful I could be comfortable as a man and citizen. To invalidate someone who has given his life for his country is so disheartening and depressing. I hope all American LGBT people will one day have what we and increasingly more of us have. Fight the good fight.

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