Meet The Plucky Republican Upstart With The Plan To Keep DADT!

Meet 34-year-old Duncan Hunter. He’s the California House Republican who wants to delay the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell by including an amendment in the 2012 defense authorization bill requiring the military service chiefs of the Navy, Army, Marines, and Air Force definitively say that allowing openly gay homos won’t destroy our military (even though they all already said that during the DADT hearings last year). It’s just a shitty delay tactic to keep the anti-gay policy in place for just a bit longer. So who is this young turd burglar? Let’s find out:

Hunter has “expressed support for ‘overriding’ the Endangered Species Act to reduce unemployment in California,” and opposes health care reform even though he himself can enjoy government-provided health care. He’s totally in favor repealing birthright citizenship for children born in the US, and loves Arizona’s racist immigration law. Oh and did we mention he’s a member of a group closely allied with anti-gay hate groups?

Yep! He’s a member of the Republican Study Committee, a caucus of over 170 Republican House members who regularly espouse cutting non-defense spending and supporting conservative legislation. This group is closely allied with the Christian right as well as the National Rifle Association, the American Family Association (a certified hate group), Focus on the Family, and Concerned Women for America—all bastions of anti-gay hate.

Luckily, The Washington Blade states that Hunter’s amendment will not likely have an impact on repeal but is just a bit of political kabuki just to throw some red meat to the values voters.

But that’s not all! The Repugnicans have another nasty amendment in store! Representative Todd Akin plans on introducing a measure to undo the Navy guidance allowing same-sex marriages in military bases.

In a May 6th letter to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, Akin and 62 other Republican U.S. members said, “We find it difficult to understand how the military is somehow exempt from abiding by federal law [DOMA]. Not only does this document imply recognition and support of same-sex marriages, but it also implies that the Navy will now perform these marriages so long as they do not violate state statutes.”

That’s right, Mr. Akin! In America the states are allowed to decide on their own marriage laws and if military bases reside in states which have legalize same-sex marriage, the chaplains can decide by their own free will whether or not to officiate. And you’re also right that state law conflicts with DOMA, a problematic situation indeed. So seeing as Republicans are so against “big government” and so in favor of “states rights” you’ll agree that the best solution is to do away with DOMA altogether, right?