Meet The Plucky Republican Upstart With The Plan To Keep DADT!

Meet 34-year-old Duncan Hunter. He’s the California House Republican who wants to delay the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell by including an amendment in the 2012 defense authorization bill requiring the military service chiefs of the Navy, Army, Marines, and Air Force definitively say that allowing openly gay homos won’t destroy our military (even though they all already said that during the DADT hearings last year). It’s just a shitty delay tactic to keep the anti-gay policy in place for just a bit longer. So who is this young turd burglar? Let’s find out:

Hunter has “expressed support for ‘overriding’ the Endangered Species Act to reduce unemployment in California,” and opposes health care reform even though he himself can enjoy government-provided health care. He’s totally in favor repealing birthright citizenship for children born in the US, and loves Arizona’s racist immigration law. Oh and did we mention he’s a member of a group closely allied with anti-gay hate groups?

Yep! He’s a member of the Republican Study Committee, a caucus of over 170 Republican House members who regularly espouse cutting non-defense spending and supporting conservative legislation. This group is closely allied with the Christian right as well as the National Rifle Association, the American Family Association (a certified hate group), Focus on the Family, and Concerned Women for America—all bastions of anti-gay hate.

Luckily, The Washington Blade states that Hunter’s amendment will not likely have an impact on repeal but is just a bit of political kabuki just to throw some red meat to the values voters.

But that’s not all! The Repugnicans have another nasty amendment in store! Representative Todd Akin plans on introducing a measure to undo the Navy guidance allowing same-sex marriages in military bases.

In a May 6th letter to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, Akin and 62 other Republican U.S. members said, “We find it difficult to understand how the military is somehow exempt from abiding by federal law [DOMA]. Not only does this document imply recognition and support of same-sex marriages, but it also implies that the Navy will now perform these marriages so long as they do not violate state statutes.”

That’s right, Mr. Akin! In America the states are allowed to decide on their own marriage laws and if military bases reside in states which have legalize same-sex marriage, the chaplains can decide by their own free will whether or not to officiate. And you’re also right that state law conflicts with DOMA, a problematic situation indeed. So seeing as Republicans are so against “big government” and so in favor of “states rights” you’ll agree that the best solution is to do away with DOMA altogether, right?

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  • gregger

    Somehow, I can see him getting plowed by someone in the Representative restroom in the Capitol. It’s not what I want to see, but methinks the lady is too obsessed.

  • TMikel

    Why do these dudes always – ALWAYS – look like closet queens? Also, why can they not buy suits with jackets that fit around the neck? And what’s with the skin problem? I agree – methinks he doth protest too much!

  • Cam

    He is a former Marine….I think we all know that he has some MAJOR skeleton’s in his …..closet.

  • Barney

    FYI, DADT is still not repealed. Is there one single queer willing to call Obama’s approach “a delay tactic”? Didn’t think so. Democratic Party whores.

  • Cam



    You know how I can tell you’re a troll? the fact that the posters on this blog did NOTHING but attack Obama’s actions on DADT and most said they were holding back any money etc… undtil the repeal was final.

    So the fact that you would come in here with your little canned statement shows that you aren’t a regular reader of this blog.

    So, nice try, now go back to your GOProud meeting so you can all talk about how much fun it is riding in the back of the bus.

  • Sam Wheat

    @Barney: Hear, hear! These hysterical militants think the word “Republican” automatically means “Evil white hetero assassin of all things good,” but have somehow been fooled into thinking that Obama is their best friend, even after he publicly stated he’s against gay marriage. And since their messiah isn’t turning out to be the ally they’d hoped he would be, they take their anger out on the Right. Typical immature behavior of your everyday sycophant — behavior best ignored.

  • gregger

    @Barney: @Sam Wheat: Please go back under your bridges or we’ll steal your treasure and have someone step on your toes.

    Ignorant Republitard Trolls!!

    Oh and another thing I vote for candidates, not for a party. Many in the LGBT community do the same thing. More and more the only fools in the community that I see voting solely for one party instead of the person best for the job have been those idiots with either Log Cabin or GOProud.

  • Sam Wheat

    @gregger: A Republitard Troll? Really? What are you, eight?

  • James

    @Sam Wheat: @Barney: why is it that you 2 are not talking about what this Republican is doing?The story is not about the Dems.

  • Gregger

    @Sam Wheat: I call idiots as I see them troll

  • Sam Wheat

    @Gregger: Can’t even dignify that with a response, so I’ll just go away and leave you to your own unhealthy anger. Get well soon.

    A proud Republitard troll

  • Gregger

    @Sam Wheat: So it’s fine for you to name call but not okay for Moderates to name call. You’re a hypocritical idiot Republitard Troll.

  • delurker

    @Sam Wheat: What is with you gay Republicans? Republicans are the most bigoted hateful out there. This post is about one of these hateful Republicans. Hunter wants to muck up DADT repeal–the one the DEMOCRATIC president signed and every single DEMOCRATIC senator voted for.

    All you can do is reflexively vomit out some anti-Obama anti-democratic BS. Go seek help about your ODS.

    And the republican party is the white people’s party. White racial resent is a pillar of modern republicanism. Do you disagree?

  • delurker

    Serious question, gay republicans. (I just wanna see what makes you guys tick). Let’s say Obama and the Dems support gay rights only 50% of the time or on 50% of the issues and they disappoint us the other 50% of the time. Do you understand why some in the gay community would find that preferable to supporting a party that supports us 0-5% of the time, panders to lowest anti-gay denominator to please their base, stirs up white racial resentment as a policy/party platform?

    Like right now, you are criticizing Obama for not doing everything he promised. Fine, but you are supporting a party that actively tries to pass law against you despite its supposed “less government interference” philosophy. Why should I support that? You are not making a strong case for Republicanism/conservatism if all you can is, “but, but Obama doesn’t support gay marriage!” well neither do 95% of Repubs but you still support them!

    Look I understand you guys like your tax cuts, endless war mongering/sabre-rattling, or whatever the republican is supposedly about now, but can you understand why some, like me, don’t prioritize those things?

  • tjr101

    Sam Wheaton and Barney both like getting screwed by Boner and the GOP if it means they get a nice tax cut and hate on everyone else that’s a darker shade.

  • mikeincleveland

    the Republican gay men on here are the ones that are the Manhunt Republicans. Like the guys that own Manhunt that are Conservative Republicans and live off of our money but at the same time financially back candidates for public office that don’t think we’re equal to straight people.

    those types…

    all they care about are their tax rates, their needs, and whether or not they can walk out into public and not be noticed to be gay

    these Gay Gordon Gecko’s don’t help the LGBT community and they don’t care about it

    it’s all about how much money is in their bank accounts

    one word…selfish

  • delurker

    I’d really like to hear from the gay republicans on this. we know why you hate obama, dems, liberals, etc. and we’ve heard you trash them constantly. but say something positive about why you are republicans even if they’re just canned talking points.

  • delurker

    Like take Duncan Hunter for instance. If many of you gay repubs/cons lived in his district, you’d probably vote for him despite him being anti-gay (even more than Obama if you can beleive that!). i’d just to know why. if you could answer that without getting in digs at the president, teh left, and whoever else the right-wing wurlitzer says is the enemy du jour, that would be wonderful.

  • Rowan


    Hmm, are you trying to reason with people who have low cognitive dissonance? Good luck with that.

    It’s like arguing with Christians, they will throw the victim card at you and not answer your question.

    GOProud and the LCR do that a lot-a question is fired to them about the anti-gay rhetoric in their party and they fire back but ‘our president does not believe in gay marriage’.

    It appears it is okay for them that Cheney does AFTER he is out of office no doubt with a daughter who is a frigging lesbian but it’s wrong for the President, not tactics, when he isn’t pro gay marriage but publicly pro-everything else gay?

  • Sam Wheat

    @delurker: Two words: Independent thought. I don’t tow the line for any group I happen to belong to: not men, not whites, not gays. Sure, as a small businessman I like the fiscal responsibility of the Republican party, and yes, as a gay man I am frequently disappointed by things I hear some Repubs say, but understand this: I grew up outside of D.C. in a political family, both right and left, and I know from intimate experience that, while Repubs can be ignorant on social issues, Democrats have a history of playing really dirty politics, using unspeakably nasty tactics to get what they want. And if you don’t agree, just take a stroll through this site and look at the comments of all those who lean left. Just because you agree with them doesn’t mean they’re not hate-filled.

    THAT, sir, is why I proudly identify myself as a Republican. Call me racist and homophobe all you want, but since I know it’s not true, your accusations carry no weight.

  • gregger

    @Sam Wheat: “fiscal responsibility of the Republican party” my a–. The Republican Party took an approximately $330 Million dollar budget surplus from the Clinton administration and by the last budget submitted by GW Bush had a deficit of over $2 Trillion built into it. That after cutting taxes on the people who could most afford them. While encouraging jobs to relocate overseas by giving the corporations lucrative tax incentives for doing so, thereby cutting payroll and corporate tax revenues to the Fed. This in the midst of two wars, one justified, the other a total war of folly, pride, and arrogance.

    Fiscal responsibility from the Republicans. Excuse me while the nation laughs. The Democrats aren’t much better but at least in the last 20 years a Democratic President had not only a balanced budget but also a budget surplus.

    I would not call you a racist or a homophobe, just very confused and still a troll.

  • delurker

    @Sam Wheat: go to and and you will see ugly hate-filled comments directed as the president, his wife, his daughters, dems, liberals, etc. just because you agree with them does mean that they are not hate-filled. (see, two can play that game :))

    and dirty tricks and doing anything it takes to win? this coming from the party of lee atwater (willie horton) and karl rove (illegitimate black baby)? are you serious?

    and towing the republican line makes you “independent”? ok, sure.

  • delurker

    @gregger: don’t forget the medicare prescription drug entitlement! completely unfunded.

  • Gregger

    @delurker: And the other unfunded mandate No Child Left Behind. More like every child left behind.

  • thiago

    wait what Manhunt is financing republicans? omfg

  • AxelDC

    @Sam Wheat: So, Republicans vote 31-2 against gay rights and 26 of 27 Democrats support gay rights and you have the gall to claim moral equivalency?

    If Republicans disappeared overnight, we’d have the same rights as Canadians and Scandinavians. If Democrats vanished, we’d have Christian Sharia Law and Sodomy Laws restored and enforced.

    I don’t care how big your tax cut is, Republicans hate gays and have gone out of their way to prove it.

    I dare you to run as an openly gay Republican in the US South. I doubt they will even let you in the room.

  • gregger

    @AxelDC: As Truman Capote once said about the south, “a faggot is the homosexual gentleman who just left the room.”

  • Skeloric

    I’d rather have Obama in office and doing the very very little he has done to help us, rather than a ReTHUGlican in there doing all there is possible to hurt us.
    Just because I can’t rely upon a Democrat to really be any more than tepid at best, does not mean I’d like to give the ReTHUGlicans a chance to do all they have painstakingly guaranteed to do (and they CERTAINLY WOULD DELIVER) to hurt me.

    Even jokingly opining about giving the ReTHUGlicans a chance in 2012 is simply an ignorant self-hating act.

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