Meet the two hot daddies who are literally making beer gay

Meet Jon Moore and Jason Pazmino. They are the real-life gay couple who are turning beer homosexual. Literally.

The guys are the proud founders of Gay Beer, a gluten-reduced golden lager first introduced to the market last December. The craft beer is brewed in upstate New York and sold at over 50 retail locations, including Whole Foods.

“I thought it was an opportunity to take the word back and show there is no fear in the word ‘gay’,” Pazmino tells Forbes on the eve of the Gay Beer’s one-year anniversary of hitting the market.

“The beer market has a reputation for being supportive of frat boys, the manly men,” adds Moore. “We thought of calling it Gay Beer and not being ashamed about it.”

Some of the company’s taglines include: “Be happy. Drink Gay Beer” and “Go straight for Gay Beer.”

A lot of people jokingly ask: Does drinking Gay Beer make a person gay?

“That’s the one of the first questions we get,” Moore says. “Is this going to make me gay? If you’re lucky, yes.”

“It doesn’t make you gay,” adds Pazmino. “It makes you a better person.”

The company donates quarterly to various LGBTQ organizations. Last month, it held a fundraiser for Marsha’s House, an LGBTQ youth shelter in the Bronx.

Obviously, the company markets to gay clientele, though the brand is meant to be inclusive

“The reality is that there is a consumer that has been ignored,” says Pazmino. “It’s a sector that’s been told we don’t drink beer. There’s power in speaking to that consumer and creating loyalty.”

After making it through their first year on the market, the guys say they are hoping to expand in 2020 by offering two new flavors. They are considering an IPA and a blonde ale.

“We’re a fun community,” says Pazmino. “Come have a beer with us.”