Meet Your New Token Republican/ Homophobe Leader

446px-michael_steeleOh, before you shout ‘racist’, we mean ‘token’ as in, ‘Republicans do not matter anymore, so why should we care about this guy?’, not ‘token’ as in ‘You kinda have to wonder if the only reason the Republicans hired a moderate Lt. Gov. from Maryland, the most Democratic state in the country, to be their chief spokesperson is because he um– has an awesome last name.’ Anyway, what does the new RNC Chairman Michael Steele think about the gays?

He hates em’, of course. Or at least hates the idea of them getting married. In 2006, Steele told a group of religious leaders:

“Marriage is not a purely human institution…Marriage defines not only the relationship between a man and a woman but also their journey through life. They should not be brow-beaten into thinking something that goes counter to what the people in the community aspire to.”

And here he is accepting his new role:

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  • David Badash

    Michael “Pro-life Republicanism is mainstream of America” Steele is homophobic and anti-gay marriage (“Marriage is a covenant between a man, a woman and God only.”). He has said, “I don’t need government dictating socialized medicine.” More on his stance on issues here:

  • An Other Greek

    handsome, handsome, smart, great name…

    too bad feces fly out every time he opens his mouth…

    easy to see through, I hope he is held accountable…


  • Mister C

    Don’t worry Japhy or whoever wrote this piece. Your statement was not racist at all. Steele will be nothing but a token and it’s not going to work. We are now really going to see a DIVIDE in this party.

    How in the hell will he change the image of a party who southern wing sends out CD’s title “Barack The Magic Negro” and “The Star Spanglish Banner”????

    PUHHHHHLEEEZZEE! I see Sarah Stalin coming hard at this guy! But what do the Log Crystal Cabinettes think since they have no Blacks in thir group either? Or at least we haven’t seen any.

  • rick

    who were they going to pick? they had a bunch of white racist crackers, who everybody knew were white racist crackers, and a black guy. he won by default.

    steele the magic negro he’ll save the g.o.p., if palin doesn’t shoot him first while screaming what about me……..

  • Michael Jones

    Steele also has very few personal scruples. A few weeks ago he said that while he’s personally against a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage, he’d support it as RNC chair. So, no matter what the Log Cabin Republicans think or hope for (Patrick Sammon said yesterday that “this was a great day for the GOP…”), Steele is not going to be the face of a more inclusive Republican party.

  • ousslander

    Yeah he’s an Uncle Tom that is against gay marriage. Is he too stupid to know that he’s just a figure head?
    Just another house nigger being used by the man!

  • damien

    The Republicans saw that having a female running as “co-President” didn’t work too well, so I’m guessing they are going to try out an African American next. He’s being used as a way to reach out to the Black community to get them to have more positive feeling about Republicans.

    But, they just don’t get it. The majority of Blacks are Democratic/Independent not because there aren’t a lot of visible Black Republicans in the party *though that’s part of it), but because Republicans have been out-of-touch with what the majority of Blacks go through in this country. Using a token won’t solve that. The party needs a change in perspective.

  • Rigato

    @Damien: It’s not that Palin was female, it was that she was a moron. But they never stop trying the whole fake-liberal facade. “Wait! Wait! Grab a black guy!”

    I don’t think we have to be afraid of Steele. The Republicans seem to be grasping at whatever they can. But this guy is relatively good looking, younger than most (appearance wise) but I think people will see through to the bullshit. His supporters, just like they did with Palin, will defend him when others raise their eyebrows, but in the end he’ll discover the Republican party is losing their teeth fast.

    People are more interested in fresh faces with new ideas, not the old RNC standbys.

  • Frank in MD

    Is he too stupid to know that he’s just a figure head?

    If you’ve ever heard him speak without a script, you know he’s not the the brightest bulb on the tree, so yes he probably is too stupid to know that.

    What is it with Republicans and morons?

  • James

    He is no moderate Republican, not even compared to the others who were running. He is a true Conservative and this “moderate” word being placed in front of his name is a red herring being used to hide his beliefs from the general public. Of course he’s a token.

  • JP

    It’s still our responsibility to make sure that people know what Republicans actually stand for. We have to make sure that the “new face” of Republicanism doesn’t trick anyone!

  • John Smith

    Steele believes that “Marriage is a covenant between a man, a woman and God only.” That leaves the government out of it. Makes sense to me. Why do most of you want the government more and more involved in your private lives? My boyfriend and I could get married, but we prefer to live in sin.

  • Monica Roberts

    Snap? Crackles? Pops?
    This is the perfect example of why this country need only ONE party – DEMOCRAT – and NO MORE ELECTIONS.. to mess up what have finally been acheive by the Obamazation of the Pooluinization of the Populization!
    We FINALLY have acheive what it have took Africa a while to accomplish – ONE PARTY RULE!!

    Soon the USA will show the progress of what Africans can bring when they have all the power..

    take for example…ZIMBABWE!!!!

  • blake

    @Monica Roberts:

    Wow! You’ve written one of the most racist posts I’ve read on Queerty in awhile. Just plain disgusting. Africa? Zimbabwe? Gee, what about all of the other one party countries led by whites? Vladimir Putin’s Russia? Castro’s Cuba? What about other de facto one party states like China, North Korea, or Iran?

    It’s also wonderful of you to ignore the basic Republican mantra of the last 30 years that Democrats are un-American, liberals are traitors, etc. All with the direct push for a one party, GOP, state. Nice of you to ignore history in your drive to push a blatantly racist meme.

    Your thesis is vile. You disparage Obama and the American voters who voted for him based on Obama’s African heritage. You dismiss logic and history to suit your political needs, ignoring easily researched points that counter your odious supposition.

  • Sceth

    This won’t pander to African-Americans. Cosby etc put it very well when they say that URMs will usually favour the party that favours education (and school spending), and I think that it should stay that way.

    But I’m worried about the old, diligently voting, healthy churchgoer black population; they won’t see it like the new generation. The consolation is that they’re dying out. It seems I just quoted Dan Savage.

  • Attmay


    You want racism? If he makes any more comments like that I won’t be able to control myself with this George Jefferson wannabe.

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