Meet Your New Token Republican/ Homophobe Leader

446px-michael_steeleOh, before you shout ‘racist’, we mean ‘token’ as in, ‘Republicans do not matter anymore, so why should we care about this guy?’, not ‘token’ as in ‘You kinda have to wonder if the only reason the Republicans hired a moderate Lt. Gov. from Maryland, the most Democratic state in the country, to be their chief spokesperson is because he um– has an awesome last name.’ Anyway, what does the new RNC Chairman Michael Steele think about the gays?

He hates em’, of course. Or at least hates the idea of them getting married. In 2006, Steele told a group of religious leaders:

“Marriage is not a purely human institution…Marriage defines not only the relationship between a man and a woman but also their journey through life. They should not be brow-beaten into thinking something that goes counter to what the people in the community aspire to.”

And here he is accepting his new role: