Let’s Get To Know Our ‘Yes on 8’ Donors Better

The California Secretary of State has finally listed all the contributors to the Yes on Prop. 8 campaign. We’re going through the list, but in the meantime, let’s crowdsource this thing. Take a look at the list, grab your Google and let us know what you find. One caveat: We will delete posts that include individual’s home addresses and phone numbers. The goal is to expose, not intimidate and harass.

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  • Luke

    CALIF. STATE COUNCIL KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS – Knights of Columbus is a Catholic fraternal organization. What’re they doing participating in politics?

  • Raven

    I don’t know the law well enough to answer this but I noticed that the Caster family’s transactions were sequential. Meaning that every family member donated one right after the other. Chances are 1 person donated in each of their names to spread out the donation and hide their shame. If one of them didn’t actually donate but another family member did it wouldn’t that be breaking some kind of law?

  • mizarkey

    I cancelled Proactiv solution from Gunthy-Renker.

    The Senior VP of media relations Ms. Sally Lee
    is a Mormon – living in LA who gave thousands to Prop 8 and kill Gay Marriage in California.

    I saw that and cancelled my orders. I will buy knock-offs I told them.

  • PearlsBeforeSwine

    Slashdot covered Google entering a California Supreme Courst filing seeking to overturn Proposition 8. In the heading they made the point that the head of HR at Microsoft, Mike Murray, gave $100,000 to the Pro Prop 8 side.

    He cited religious beliefs to explain the donation.

    Since Microsoft itself is known for being supportive of gay rights (as are the overwhelming majority of Fortune 500 companies), the question is should the head of their HR programs be opposing them if it might hurt the firms ability to recruit top talent? After all, they would not hire a known member of the KKK for such a position.

  • kevin

    The irony of an anti-gay head of HR for a gay-friendly company isn’t lost on me.

  • Timothy

    Considering that HR is the division that deals with the administering of spousal benefits, knowing that one’s HR head opposes your marriage might be more than a little concerning. I certainly would be worried that paperwork might be “lost”, that deadlines could be “accidentally” missed, and the man responsible for looking out for your family may just be trying to sabotauge it.

  • Dave

    I noticed that Gary Bryan, a Los Angeles disc jockey in KRTH 101 in the mornings , felt the need to donate $800. I’m through listening to that station.

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