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Meg Whitman Doesn’t Support Your Right to Marry Or Stay Free From Workplace Assault

Really, Meg Whitman? As if you didn’t give us a reason (see: supporting Prop 8) to dislike you already, what’s this about you shoving one of your eBay underlings because you were unhappy with an interview conducted in the online game Second Life?

Whitman’s California gubernatorial campaign is already on the offensive defense, claiming, “Meg is a serious, results-focused boss. A verbal dispute in a high-pressure working environment isn’t out of the ordinary. Meg’s record of accomplishment in business, including her success at leading eBay from a 30-employee startup to a Fortune 500 company, speaks for itself.”

Yeah, but it kind of doesn’t excuse physically assaulting your staff, mmmkay?

C’mon, Meg. You’ve already been dubbed a chapstick lesbian type. You don’t need to harden those credentials.