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Meg Whitman Finds a Loophole In Her ‘No New Taxes’ Mantra

It’s not that I have a problem with Prop 8 supporter Meg Whitman, the Republican pick for California governor, changing her mind, like she evidently did about raising taxes. After repeatedly promising she would never force taxpayers to dig deeper into their pockets, she left open the possibility she could do it in the event of a natural disaster — which is a fine thing to say, because emergencies call for drastic measures, like asking citizens to chip in a little bit. But it’s this black-or-white mentality that I freakin’ can’t stand. Mostly, though, I can’t stand stupidity: Whitman didn’t even have to say she’d raise taxes during a natural disaster, because she’d never have to face that situation unless there was a disaster, and who could really ever fault her for raising taxes during a state emergency?