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Meg Whitman Is An Anti-Gay Bigot. Is Her Son a Racist Bigot?


We’ve yet to see the “serious” media question California gubernatorial hopeful and Prop 8-supporter Meg Whitman on the antics of her children, but reports that her younger son Will throws around the n-word might start prompting some to wonder: Is the Whitman household one big batch of hatred?

Whitman’s two sons Griff (the fifth) and Will Harsh may be this woman’s biggest campaign liabilities. Griff was allegedly suspended from Princeton — which Meg donated $30 million to, and has a dorm that bears the family’s name. And now Will, also a Princeton student, was supposedly banned from the Cottage Club, one of the school’s hoity-toity eating clubs, afte rdropping the n-bomb at a black girl, report Gawker and Guest of a Guest.

All along their prep school (which Will was kicked out of, twice) and college adventures, the gossip mill says these boys paraded around their wealth, excusing their obnoxious, and now racist behavior with mama’s money.

We’re not saying a candidate should be judged by the actions of her children. But certainly a household led by a bigoted woman is more likely to yield bigoted children.

(Photo via Gawker)

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