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Meg Whitman, The $119 Million Woman

I’m so glad Meg Whitman had that high-paying eBay job, because otherwise she’d be in more credit card debt that all of Rhode Island. With another $15 million donation to her gubernatorial campaign, she’s brought her total self-funding sum to $119 million — the most ever for a single campaign in U.S. history. More than Michael Bloomberg ($110 million in 2009), and that’s saying something! Her challenger, Democrat Jerry Brown, has so far spent $1 million.

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  • Andrew

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: No one who spends, or can spend, 119 million dollars on a gubernatorial campaign, — more than many Presidential runs, can ever be thought to have the ability to sympathize with or understand the average person.

  • Mark Alexander

    Just goes to prove “money can’t buy love.” Or fill the gaping black void in your heart. Or buy a decent haircut either, for that matter.


  • Fitz

    It is going to suck unwashed ass when she becomes the governor.

  • Andrew

    @Fitz: Don’t count Brown out yet. For being outspent 119 to 1 he’s still competitive in the polls.


    At least we know how Meg is going to govern California…she definitely knows how to spend!

  • Fitz

    @Andrew: I wish I shared your optimism. In CA we have seen Davis get recalled, Arnold win twice, Prop 8 winning, Prop 13 standing…. I just don’t have much faith in my peers’ voting record. I do hope I am wrong, I really do.

  • thousandfold

    If she had donated that money to the state instead of investing it on attack ads, I might have overcome my vague disgust of her enough to vote for her.

  • Cung Vo

    I think she will put California on eBay “for sale” to make even what she paid for.

  • Swedish Fish

    You have to wonder why someone would spend that much money for power…

  • adam

    He’s really only spent $1 million compared to that? And she has the slimmest possible lead (atleast according to averages on real clear politics)? That’s actually kind of amusing. I assume Brown is planning a late ad blitz, which could pay off with her oversaturation.

  • tjr101

    Ugh, I so hope Jerry Brown kicks her ass. It would be such joy seeing that money go down the drain!

  • Rod

    She needs some Restylane and a few shots of Botox in the forehead.

  • Pitou

    O. M. G… Is that a herpe on her bottom lip?? You’d think with excess $119M to blow on a campaign for Gov, she’d have taken meds to suppress that shit. Eww..

    With people like her, and Linda McMahon here in CT spending gobs and gobs of their own cash to win a lame as spot in Govn’t.. The average american, who is now unemployed, would see that these people have ZERO interest in getting them back to work. They’re just looking to buy their power. Time for a change in Washington, My lily-white ass. These tards are the EXACT same thing that’s already there!

  • Baxter

    @FRANZ: Do you really not see the difference between spending your own money and spending other people’s money?

  • tpagy

    Sorry I don’t think she’s a women!

  • Alex

    holy shit, people!
    don’t criticize her because she’s ‘ugly’ or ‘not woman enough’. This is a site for queers, jeez!
    She’s a conservative asshole out to buy power and silence those that disagree with her. Even though it’s fun to take down these people (they hardly know that feeling of prejudice), her appearance has nothing to do with her moral character and we should distance ourselves from inciting that it does.

  • swarm

    Her spending is to compete with the enormous union and other PACs that Obama & institutional lifetime politicians enjoy. Nothing wrong with that. Meanwhile, if California hadn’t destroyed it’s own economy with excessive spending and Obama had not used the “stimulus” for payola, she wouldn’t be resonating with the public.

    You can’t expect voters to blindly accept seeing wasteful spending like a $500 MILLION dollar school, studies funded in other countries about other countries (wtf) and monkeys being jacked up on cocaine and not get reactionary.

    Icing on the cake that LA controller released the “news” that of $111 million stimulus (for JOBS, remember?) 55 jobs were created.

    My town took the money and used it to do things like “extend school lunch programs throughout the summer because people are hurting”.eyeroll.

    Big government is never the solution. It just breeds bigger corruption.

    While I respect Queerty being “single issue”, don’t blame Meg Whitman for Obama being a liar (well, not really since he’s never been in favor of gay marriage)…and utilizing dirty Chicago politics letting everyone down. Most of us saw it coming.

    He needs to GTFO. Every sitting politician needs to be voted OUT.

  • swarm

    P.S For those of you who apparently never even worked in a corporation, there is no such thing as “jobs saved” in metrics. It’s a red herring like “cost avoidance”. It’s a bullshit term that the moment we saw it, we knew the entire stimulus was going to be payola. The only thing that SAVES JOBS is expanding business and cutting expenses. Not paying for expenses with other people’s money. No business is going to expand under Obama. I have a TINY one person business and now am required to file a 1099 for every single person I transacted $600 with? WTAF??? I guess I won’t be doing business over $600 per person, then. Ergo, no hiring this year. It’s not rocket science and Whitman knows this.

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