Meg Whitman Will Spin Gay Marriage Right Round, Like a Record Baby


Meg Whitman, hoping to reside in California’s Governor’s Mansion next year, hasn’t officially announced her candidacy (she’s only “formed an exploratory committee,” uh huh), but already she’s entered that mysterious place of politico hopefuls: Making grandiose promises (create 2 million private-sector jobs; eliminate $15 billion in “wasteful” spending within five years) while offering few to zero details on how she’ll actually do it, beyond relying on her “business experience” — all the while California is facing a $42 billion budget deficit while Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is about to slash 20,000 state government jobs. Such was her presser yesterday in Silicon Valley, which is friendly turf for an Internet pioneer, which amounts to the official unofficial kick-off for Whitman’s gubernatorial campaign. It was also where she reiterated her support for Prop 8.

Whitman supports civil unions, and not gay marriage — thus, her support for Prop 8, which would keep the word “marriage” reserved only for heteros like Whitman. And like many opponents of gay rights, Whitman, a Presbyterian, says she relied on her “faith and conscience” to make that call. (“Faith and conscience” were also excuses once used to keep women like Whitman from voting and men and women of different races from marrying.)

But wait!

Before you go calling Whitman a homophobe, first listen to how she contradicts herself: “I want you to know I am all about equal rights and I want to make sure that gay and lesbian people are treated equally under the eyes of the law.” It’s a very convenient explanation, since Whitman’s “eyes of the law” includes keeping Prop 8 alive. Which isn’t so much supporting “equal rights” as it is supporting “separate but equal.”

Is this the woman you want governing 36 million residents?