Megan Phelps Doesnt Just Hate Lady Gaga, She Hates Kevin Smith Too

As if the Lady Gaga send-up from Megan Phelps-Roper — granddaughter of Westboro Baptist awesomeness Fred Phelps — wasn’t enough, her Twitter battle with director-actor Kevin Smith is something to share with your friends and family. Read the whole exchange here (and here), but be forewarned: Smith has a tendency to win his Twitter battles.

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  • romeo

    Looks like Megan has some really dirty hair. Saw some of these guys at a Pride parade once. They didn’t stay long. LOL But I noticed they looked kind of dirty. That’s straights for you (not that Fred is straight, mind you).

  • james_cambridge

    kevin smith isn’t the only celebrity she has these ‘twitter battles’ with. finally megan is getting all the attention she never got from her psycho daddy.

  • The Milkman

    Mental illness is never pretty, is it?

  • William Day


    Oh fuck me, that’s hilarious. Seriously, did that song actually come from the WBC? Oh Christ, I’m sorry… I hate what they stand for, but I just… Oh God I just have to applaud them. That’s just so fucking ridiculously, hilariously messed up. If they tried that tactic more often, they’d probably have more supporters.

  • christopher di spirito

    So when Magan Phelps commits suicide her family shouldn’t invite Lady Gaga to sing “Bad Romance” at her funeral?

  • Craig M

    Megan phelps has a dick….

  • terrwill

    This ugly little crunt and her equally ugly mother uses to appear on the Howard Stern show. One would think that a girl who is so disturbing to look at would be friendley towards the
    Gays, because that the only way she can ever hope to have
    a boy speak to her would occur by here being a fag hag.

  • terrwill

    sp: “here” to “her”……. : P

  • Cam

    Megan and her chruch espose an old fasioned literal interpretation of the Bible don’t they? Well in that case Megan, practice what you preach, you shouldn’t be speaking, your husband should. But then again, if you ever LOOK at the men in the Westborough Baptist church outside Fred Phelps, they are all little mealy mouthed closet cases.

  • tinkerbell

    Actually, the Phelps’ expouse true Christianity. They follow the bible to the letter. They believe in the genocide and atrocities and brutality that their ancient book demands!

    The Westboro BAPTIST church just shows what a cultish, fanatical religion Christianity really is. It’s a kooky cult in all of its incarnations. We gays too often conveniently overlook the beliefs of the christian religion and try to assimilate into a milder form of their cult that actually tolerates us. That’s crazy, and SO stupid on our part. They hate us, they legislate against us, they try to lure us into their kookiness.

  • D Smith


    my fiancee and i were discussing this same thing earlier today… and yes the phelps klan do in fact come the closest to a true biblical interpretation of the bible… which is funny because i love watching “christians” cringe when they see themselves reflected back in the truth of thier words without their polite words and masks to cover their bigotry.

    all religions are based on fairy tales… if those fairy tales make you feel better at night… Fine, thats your right but basing legislation and government policy off of them is unconstitutional and wrong.

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