Megan Phelps Picked Her 5 Most Hated Americans and None of Them Are Lady Gaga

The twentysomething terror lists them in order: 1) Barack Obama, and all political and military leaders; 2) Joel Osteen, and all religious leaders; 3) John Mayer, and all entertainers, especially Beyonce and John Mayer; 4) Ellen DeGeneres, and all persons “pushing fags” and gay marriage; and 5) Oprah, and all wealthy Americans who control the media. [Pat]

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  • Paul

    Let’s face it the dizzy bitch and her family only like themselves

  • Mark Alexander

    That’s more than five. But then she’s home schooled and probably doesn’t know any better…

  • Marissa

    She acknowledged that she wasn’t really answering the question as it was asked.

    “On to the list! (Note: There’s plenty of overlap, because I’m kind of cheating on the whole “five” aspect of this question).”

    She still needs major help.

  • Michael

    This bitch is what you get when you’re Grandpa is your dad. I can’t believe someone hasn’t attempted to take these wack jobs out at their Topeka KS compound. Their “church” is a cult made up of their family memebers. And rumor has it that good ol’ Fred has a gay son that’s estranged from the family.

  • Todd

    Can we please stop giving this family the publicity they so desperately want? They’re ridiculous, horrible people and they don’t deserve our attention.

  • Takeshi

    This bitch needs to get…well, she needs to die, to put it frankly. Every time I read about her, I can’t help but become more and more disgusted by her ignorance. Plus, she’s hideous.

  • Albert

    It all began with Fred. A sad legacy of hate, but sadder still is their steadfast obstinancy. No room for compassion or growth.

  • M

    no madonna? boy I am getting old

  • Brandon

    I think we have def crossed in to certified cult territory. It is a sad existence to see nothing but the negative in the world and forsaken any and all enjoyment.

    We all know what they hate: gays, jews, art, fun, being happy blah blah blah, but what do they like (besides jesus of course)?

    I have no clue.

  • jbran

    @Todd: Exactly. These people are charlatans who are only interested in publicity. What other goal do they have, really? I’ve never even heard them attempt to bring anyone closer to whatever God they believe in. And, frankly, we’re helping them accomplish their goal by even responding to them. Seriously, why would Beyonce even be on that list other than her immense popularity?

    I’d be content to never hear about anything these people did, ever again. They can picket every funeral, concert, bar mitzvah, etc. I ever attend from here until the day they’re picketing my funeral and I will gladly act like they’re not ever there.

  • BobP

    Could you stop giving her free publicity? You seem to do a story on her every day. We know what she’s about, so just cut it out.

  • B

    No. 11 · BobP wrote, “Could you stop giving her free publicity? You seem to do a story on her every day.”

    Maybe QUEERTY would do fewer stories on her if there were fewer people clicking on the links to them. I’d imagine that is one of the things they look at in deciding whether to do more articles on a topic.

  • Alfonzo

    uh, that’s not five

  • Bianca

    Why does she hate Beyonce and John Mayer? She probably thinks Mayer is a Jew, lol.


    She (and her inbred clan) hate everybody. She onviously hates blacks too.

  • Cheeky

    A walking, talking CUNT that Queerty has now given free publicity. I can’t believe that no one has blown away this 1st family of hate yet.

  • Terry

    Westboro is recognized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center that tracks such groups nationally. Cult also works because it is an extended, though incredibly dysfunctional, family. They are attention whores, folks! And in the process, they get off on tempting so-called good Christian folks to react to their bizarre antics in the most unChristian like ways. The worst punishment for Westboro is being ignored.

  • terrwill

    Queerty, we acknowledge you need to get as many clicks per day to make your monies from this site. Most of us accept this and realize you make some unpopular threads to keep the site active. However there is something called going over the line and maybe you should consider banning certain persons or groups from your threads……

    When you attempt to errect a “Matthew Sheppard in hell” statue torture Matthew’s his family, and wage a legal battle to do so. Its time to stop giving these inbred subhuman scumbags publicity whores any more publicity…..

  • Brian NJ

    I wonder if they are on drugs.

  • zack

    Add my voice to questioning Queerty’s methods. There is a legitimate place for stories about Phelps and other homophobes: when that story includes a call to action.

    For example, if this loon had the backing of a consumer company, we could all take a few minutes to email that company to complain. Or, a better example would be to have Queerty visitors complain to CBS for accepting FOF and denying the United Church of Christ.

    I find it sad that Queerty editors only bitch and moan of everything. Instead of publicizing homophobes and complaining about LGBT advocacy groups like HRC & GLAAD, Queerty should be providing methods for us to make a difference; even if that difference is a targeted email to a company.

  • romeo

    Zack, that’s what Queerty expects you and I to do. Actually, a lot of the agitation here has contributed to positive results in the RW, I think. From some of Obama’s speeches lately, I think he may wait until he’s alone with his laptop and sneak in here to see what we’re saying about him. LOL Seriously, Queerty gets referred to elsewhere on the net. Not always flattering, but at least the turmoil in here is getting noticed.

    As for Megan, a sad testament to ignorance of the concept of exfoliation, or any grooming at all.

  • romeo

    On consideration, Megan is an ugly inbred and she doesn’t deserve publicity of any kind. That family has pissed off more than us over the years. I suspect they will be quietly eliminated eventually. Let’s leave them in obscurity to facilitate that.

  • christopher di spirito

    Her daddy/uncle would approve.

    I would love to see this white trash cunt in the Octagon with the other white meat, Meghan McCain. Princess McCain would mop the floor with Phelps nasty hair.

  • schlukitz

    Well, in defense of the poor dear, I have to say that she has a kind face.

    The kind one would like to take a dump on!

  • Cassandra

    She’s a bit confused.

    Every person and industry on her list has huge fan/supporter bases, and though they have detractors, and haters, as well, all are more popular and respected than her family, and particularly, her father.

    A survey could easily find that her father is one of the most hated people in America, and since the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree . . .

    miss thing is projecting.

  • schlukitz

    No. 24 · Cassandra

    She’s a bit confused.

    Totally fucked-up, would be more like it! ;P

  • geoff

    Joel Osteen ranked higher on her list than gays? Should we be insulted?

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