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Megan Thee Stallion is feeling all her ‘Legendary’ ballroom oats in new ‘Her’ music video

A black and white still of Megan Thee Stallion doing floor performance in front of backup dancers. Her back is turned, and she's looking over her shoulder at the camera.

Though Megan Thee Stallion’s Legendary tenure came to a close in season two, her propensity to serve it up lives on.

The music video for her new track, “Her”, is a love letter to the girls. The black and white monochrome invokes “Vogue” (the music video), while the dance performances invoke vogue (the art form).

Not to say that the Hot Girl president isn’t front and center throughout. With floor performance, duckwalks, and face-face-FACE, Meg is absolutely getting her tens.

A black and white still of three Megan thee Stallions, all wearing skin tight black maxi dresses and posed in different artful positions

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The repetitious “I’m her” hook feels like a feminine twist on “I’m him”, a boastful phrase that’s been regaining popularity since Big Yavo’s “Him” blew up as a TikTok sound. Gotta love this newfound celebration of pronouns in music!

The ballroom-infused track and video coincide beautiful with Beyoncé’s recent house album, Renaissance. In fact, “Her” and “I’m That Girl” might as well be semantic sisters.

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If this is how the Legendary pop judges are moving after being on the show, we can’t wait for Keke Palmer’s inevitable ballroom bop.

Get into the visuals, the sounds, and the movement of “Her”:

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