Meghan McCain Accuses Aaron Schock Of “Flaming Out,” Embarrassing Republicans

Screen shot 2015-03-20 at 12.28.10 PMMeghan McCain. Remember her? She’s Senator John McCain’s daughter. The one who has devoted her life to “rebranding the Republican party” to appeal to younger generations. She’s done so by maintaining an active Twitter account, filming a reality show, and writing books with catchy titles like Dirty, Sexy, Politics and America, You Sexy Bitch that ultimately end up in bargain bins across the country.

In a new op-ed published in Timethe 30-year-old party girl takes on Rep. Aaron Schock, accusing the disgraced congressman of being a narcissist, a “giant embarrassment,” and “flaming out.”

“The first time I heard Congressman Schock’s name mentioned was probably the same time most of the mainstream media was introduced to him,” McCain writes, “when the gossip site TMZ featured a photograph of him shirtless by a pool, showing off his chiseled abs.”

“An onslaught of publicity for the Congressman with the abs soon followed,” McCain continues. “[P]hotos in GQ, national television interviews, and, probably most notoriously, a shirtless picture on the cover of Men’s Health that displayed the congressman in an unbuttoned shirt and tie.”

Interesting critique from a woman who once posed for GQ sitting on a bed in a hotel room nursing a beer, but whatever. Carry on, Megan…

McCain acknowledges that she has “not always made the best choices for myself in the photos I have chosen to pose for” but she’s free to throw stones in this situation because “I am not…nor have I ever been, a member of Congress,” adding “I am just the spawn of a politician.” (In case anyone forgot.)

“As I followed the career of Congressman Schock, I became less and less of a fan,” McCain writes. “There is something about a cheesecake shirtless photo of a sitting Congressman on the cover of a men’s magazine that seemed more television star than serious politician.”

We didn’t mind the shirtless photo so much as we did his atrocious record when it came to voting against equal rights for gay people.

“I started taking him less seriously and, more often than not, would wonder who was handling his press, and if they had any long term plans for him beyond just looking cute on social media,” McCain writes. “Today, Schock is a giant embarrassment and disappointment to not only all Republicans, but especially to Millennial Republicans.”

How so?

By exacerbating “every negative stereotype that exists about Millennials being the over-indulged, selfie-obsessed, ‘me-me-me’ generation,” McCain, who references herself with words like “I,” “me,” or “myself” more than 20 times in her 750-word op-ed and whose Instagram page has no shortage of selfies, explains.

“And now,” she concludes, “unluckily enough for us Millennial Republicans out there, our first well-known representative will be best remembered for completely blowing his chance to reform our party simply because he got too caught up riding around in private jets and going to Katy Perry concerts.”

And, of course, his atrocious record when it came to voting against equal rights for gay people.

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