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Meghan McCain admits she’s “not a fashion person”, blames her terrible appearance on her gay friends

Pete Buttigieg appeared on The View this morning to speak about the great work he’s been doing as Secretary of Transportation, but that’s not what anyone’s talking about. Instead, they’re talking about Meghan McCain dressing up like a unicorn and then blaming it on her gay friends.

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During a discussion about Dr. Jill Biden appearing on the cover of Vogue, John McCain’s daughter made the understatement of the century when she said she’s “not a fashion person at all” while criticizing the First Lady’s floral print dress.

Let’s jump right into the responses, shall we?

Here’s what people are saying…

But our story doesn’t end there.

Evidently, McCain saw what people were saying about her and didn’t appreciate it because shortly thereafter she fired off an angry tweet defending her look, which she said was her way of honoring her LGBTQ friends during Pride.

“Today is the last day of pride month!” she wrote. “I felt like doing a little rainbowy/unicorny to celebrate my friends. Just having fun. Let a bitch live.”

OK, first, does anyone actually believe Meghan McCain has any gay friends?

And second, Meghan, if you’re reading, don’t blame us for your complete and utter lack of taste and terrible sense of fashion. We don’t claim you and we certainly don’t need you being “rainbowy/unicorny” on our behalves.

Here’s how folx are responding to Meghan’s tweet…

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