Meghan McCain hits back at “mean, nasty” shadiness from Sherri Shepherd

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain (Photo: YouTube)

Megan McCain has responded to comments made by Sherri Shepherd to Andy Cohen.

Shepherd is currently promoting her new daytime chat show, Sherri. This led to an appearance earlier this week on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Cohen asked her who she felt closest to from her days as a host on The View. Shepherd said she considered all her colleagues friends and stayed in touch with “Everybody… not Meghan, but everybody else.”

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Cohen then spoke with McCain, 37, yesterday on his SiriusXM show. Never one to avoid stirring the pot, the gay chat show host asked McCain what she made of Shepherd’s comments.

“I don’t know Sherri Shepherd. She was on the show like 15 years before me, when I was in high school, so I don’t know why anyone is under the impression that we’re close friends,” she responded.

“I think she has a new show coming out. She’s looking for publicity. A really easy way to get publicity is to try and fight with me.”

Suggesting that spats with Shepherd were beneath her, McCain added, “I tend to fight more these days with people like Kari Lake. We’re talking about people that are running for governor of Arizona.”

She continued, “The thing that makes me the most sad about it is [that] The View is really hard and I think anyone who’s done it knows how hard it is. There’s also this toxic mean girl reputation that’s not only with The View, but in daytime talk in general and I wish we would all just stop. There’s no need to be nasty.”

“A really mean, nasty thing”

She said Shepherd had criticized her “multiple times” on The View and she doesn’t “understand it.”

“I don’t know why anyone would be under the impression I’m close friends with her, obviously we are not and I’m not up in my feelings about it. I never think about her at all,” McCain said.

“It just seems like a really mean, nasty thing to do in a very strange way to start your new talk show that’s supposed to be light and positive for women to like trash someone and I know what she’s doing. I mean, we’re all smart. She’s like, throwing shade and making it a point to say like, ‘All the alumni at The View get along and braid each other’s hair and go to sleepovers except Meghan.’”

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McCain is not known to be close to many of her former View co-hosts. The only one she has really spoken about with affection is Sunny Hostin.

On an appearance on the Reality with the King podcast, McCain said, “Sunny is one of the greatest TV presences in all of television. I keep telling her she should have her own show. I don’t know why MSNBC isn’t trying to poach her for Rachel Maddow‘s spot.”

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