Meghan McCain: Obama ‘Isn’t Doing Anything For the Gay Community’

As Meghan McCain continues her Sarah Palin book tour across America, she’s also being asked to judge President Barack Obama‘s performance. Forced to give a letter grade, he’s somewhere between a C+ and a C-, and some of that might have to do with what he thinks about homosexual rights. Republicans “get the bad rap” as “being against gay marriage, but [Obama] doesn’t do anything for the gay community.” Uh oh, even the eloquent blonde girl is pointing out the strides the GOP is making in reaching gay voters.

[Segment around the 2:40 mark]

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  • Bareback Hussein Osama

    How dare she criticize me! She is a Reeeeeeepublican! I am your fiercest advocate!

  • Mike

    I’m guessing her father would have been a better alternative?

  • Steve

    No shit.

    Then again, no one else is either.

  • Cam

    She is absolutly correct. He hasn’t done much FOR gay rights.

    However, her father is

    1. Against repealing DADT

    2. Against gays adopting

    3. Against ENDA.

    So it’s a choice between somebody who ignores me when I am being mugged, or the person mugging me.

    Sorry Meghan, Obama may be nothing when it comes to gay rights, but your father is a bigot who would push for laws that would take us back 50 years.

  • tjr101

    Is this actually her “light bulb over the head” moment?!?!

  • James Davis

    @Cam: A bigot? Really because I guess you haven’t noticed McCain’s multi-racial family.

  • Fitz

    Make no mistake, my vote is for sale: whoever actually produces results will get it. I ain’t never ever ever again voting for a lesser of two evils. man— Barak wasted SUCH a freakin opportunity. One we wont see again for a LONG time. The amount of pent up progressive energy was amazing, and like all good dem’s, he pissed it away by bunting to the Right.

  • tjr101

    @James Davis: Bigotry can be in different forms. McCain may not be racially intolerant but he certainly is intolerant towards gays.

  • Ryan

    What she meant to say was, “He hasn’t done anything for the gay community, just like I didn’t during the 08 elections.”

    In comparison to her photo shoot and a queer photographer, she hasn’t done sh*t compared to Obama. And because he hasn’t done what he’s capable of doing, their efforts both amount to just two bowls of steaming crap.

    Having said that, I don’t care if Republicans start getting the gay vote. I still won’t so much as give those idiots the time of day. The day queers start voting for people who think “god” should be regulating carbon emissions, is the day I give up and head for Europe.

  • Marcus M

    You know, I’m light years away from ever voting Republican, but I do follow Meghan McCain on Twitter and I hope she’s the future of their party. I’d be a lot less afraid then.

  • Marcus M


    I agree. The most depressing thing about Obama is that he got young people to really care about something and then he went and blew it. Now he’s ruined an entire generation from ever thinking their voice matters again. Apathy is back in fashion and will be for another 20 years.

  • Cam

    @James Davis:

    He hates gays and opposes every single gay rights issue out ther.e Of course he is a bigot. I didn’t say he was a racist, although for your info, his wife adopted their Indian Daughter while on a trip and did not inform him of it until it was a done deal. You should really read the campaign literature sometime.

  • Bareback Hussein Osama

    @Michael C: It is not my fault!

  • Jimmy Fury

    You’re aware she’s not an elected official right? She can’t actually *do* anything herself. The best she can do is speak out and be vocal in her support… which she does. constantly.

  • Ivad Enuffofya

    Meghan McCain is doing nothing for the Gay Community apart from supporting Target by still shopping there and allowing them to sell her book Dirty Stupid Hypocrisy. Who cares what she thinks anyway? She only did the NOH8 shoot for publicity. She is unconscionable!

  • Michael

    @Fitz: Nobody has offered to buy my vote. Could you post the link to the opt-in site – a great idea!

  • Black Pegasus


    It seems each day Queerty finds new ways to package the same ole shit, and some of you willingly fall for it each and every time! If you self hating republican queens wanna believe Grandpa McCain or Hillary would have been better for Gay Rights and (more importantly) America, then go ahead and believe that!

    There is no reasoning with the woefully ignorant..

    Good Day

  • Equality NOW

    Meghan McCain, Cindy McCain, Dick Cheney, Laura Bush, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Ken Mehlman….NONE of these “brave” conservative Republicans who now say they support gay marriage are actually running for any elected office….NONE.

  • Joe

    while she may be technically correct, we still stand a much better chance with Obama and his team then we would with that Manchurian Candidate she calls Dad

  • josh

    Here in reality…

    President Obama signed the hate crimes bill into law which is the first federal law that has acknowledged gays. This moves us closer to being ruled as a protected class.

    He also issued a directive banning hospitals from discrimination against gay couples in respect to hospital visitation rights.

    While DADT has not yet been repealed, the repeal is in the works (although Republicans gaining ground in November may jeopardize this).

    If stupid people hadn’t have voted for Scott Brown in MA, we could have already had ENDA and DADT repeal because the Dems would still have had a filibuster proof supermajority.

    Why doesn’t Meghan McCain criticize her father for being against gay rights in ALL areas?

  • Ivad Enuffofya

    @josh: Because her motto is do as I say not as do as with all Hypocrites!

  • Joe in Savannah

    You cant fault her because of her father. She doesn’t have a say in his policies and it’s known that their views differ on things, espicially gay rights. She also may not be *doing* much for gay rights in your eyes, but she is doing more than Obama. You don’t see him going around saying he is for gay marraige! Why? Because the majority of America is against it, and if he wants to get re-elected he won’t publicly announce his support. Meghan McCain is more pro gay rights than Obama is. True, he did sign the hate crimes law, and he did ease the laws with hospitals, but he could be doing so much more. We all have pressured him, and if thats not enough, then I don’t know what is. Atleast she is getting out there, making her voice heard, and fighting for us. Kudos to her, and you go girl. The rest of you guys shouldn’t hate on her at all. How does that look? Somebody puts their reputation on the line in your support and you go after them because of their father? What if LB Johnsons dad was publicly against civil rights? Would you decry his efforts to bring civil rights to America? No! Judge the person for what THEY have done.

    Now that I got that off my chest, keep up the good work Meghan.

  • kenny

    I am beyond tired of all of this in all honesty hardly anyone gives a damn about this community and sadly they continue to prove it.I appreciate Meghans words and I know she cares but the girl needs to wake up to the reality of her OWN families bigotry and intolerance.In all honesty we are screwed either way in this country Barack does not care about us or this community and the sucking up and kissing his ass is not gonna make things better either.If McCain was our president it would be like were back in the dark ages he’d be discriminating against us left and right.Barack on the other hand has done the exact same thing just more tactfully sneaky like and 2 faced.He already made it abundantly clear where he stands on gay marriage just like all these other fake politicians.I stopped believing in him a long time ago and never will again.

    Until there is actual evidence or concrete proof that these people give a damn about little old us the minority i will not believe it until I see it.

  • kenny

    @Joe in Savannah:

    True he has done about 2 things for our community there was a catch though with the hate crime laws from what I have read about it does not apply to african americans.That is what I read ive also heard about that so thats yet another lie Obama created.I dont hate Meghan I appreciate all she is doing I just wish she would face up to the fact that her father is a bigot plain and simple.

  • Ivad Enuffofya

    @kenny: Oh please Joe lets get real her, All she says about Gay rights is lip service or she wouldn’t be boasting about still shopping at Target and letting them sell her book! Just talking about it doesn’t bring change and neither does hypocrisy.

  • Ryan

    @Jimmy Fury: Yes, I realize this. I also realize that during the 2008 elections she never once intervened and spoke up for ‘us’ as her father attempted to win the presidency using anti-gay rhetoric as a platform. It wasn’t until the dust settled that she began to say anything. It wasn’t until her so called “support” wouldn’t damage her father’s reputation that she said anything at all. It wasn’t until after many people in my community felt threatened and on edge that she did anything at all. Even after boldly telling an openly homosexual women-Ellen Denegeres-on live television that she did not that that right-where in the hell was Meghan? Nowhere.

    Words and good intentions can only go so far; her actions are another matter. She has ‘spoken up’ and written several articles and made television appearances, and I understand this. However, the majority of those appearances have been-with the exception of Bill O Reilly- on ‘gay-friendly’ programming, such as the Rachel Maddow Show, Real Time (where she was made a fool) and Stephen Colbert. She’s simply preaching to the choir at this point. The Tea Party has gone out of their way to parody her, and republican groups have been formed in purpose solely in telling her to ‘shut up’. Should she? Of course not. She’s at least getting to the few thousand republicans under the age of 25/30, and I’m immensely relieved to see someone like her around. I’m grateful. Truly, I am.

    However, her words contain more substance than her actions. Posing for a celebrity-cache photo shoot? Choosing a gay photographer to shoot her book cover? Attending GOProud rallies?
    Has she ever even donated money? Has she ever even held a fundraiser? Why have I never seen photos of her protesting the passing of Prop 8 in November of 2008?

    I’m sorry, but this isn’t the resume of a gay icon, an ally or someone whose investing even a minuscule amount of effort to back up their words. It’s pathetic.
    I’ve met volunteers and everyday people at GLBT centers who go above and beyond what this women does, and frankly, their acts of charity and compassion have a far greater effect than anything she’s ever done.

    I’m only saying that while we can say ‘thanks’ and move on, it is not right to paint a pretty picture of her just because she’s blonde and would make a great shopping buddy. She is ONLY pro-gay marriage. But beyond that, she is still holding onto the outdated ideals of a dying generation with her father, such as taking away the rights of women, decreasing standards for businesses and phasing out labor unions, and a repressive, totalitarian conservative agenda. That is not worth praising, and is not something I would ignore in voting for someone like her.

    Having said all that, she can actually do a hell of a lot more. She’s not elected, and that’s the point. The president has maybe only 10-20% of the ‘power’ we think he does. She has no limits, no chains bound to her. So until I see some sweat, blood and teeth out of her, all I hear is a cat meowing while Ann Coulter takes her place at a GOProud rally. What a f**king joke.

  • Jason

    Is Obama doing everything possible for gay equality? No. Do republicans accuse him of forcing or rushing gay issues through? Yes. The facts are last year he signed a hate crimes bill adding sexual orientation and gender identity. He expanded benefits to partners of gay and lesbian federal employees. He has pushed to repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” by the end of the year against republican opposition who have been spinning it as disrespectful to the troops. He has hired two gay men to his administration and a transgendered woman again against republican opposition. He was the first president to mention gay people in his acceptance speech. In fact, he has called for gay and lesbian equality more than any president in history—in speeches, in interviews, in debates. I often hear Republicans criticize gay support of Democrats because Dems are not always 100% behind gay rights, however when gay issues come up to vote most Democrats vote in favor whereas usually anywhere from zero to a small handful of Republicans vote in favor. Think of gay marriage in NY & NJ. I think there was a single Republican vote. As things are, I have to go with the people who support my rights most of the time rather than those who never support me and make me out to be dangerous and scary to the ignorant.

  • Kevin B

    @Joe in Savannah:

    You are just about the only rational person in all of these responses.

  • Ivad Enuffofya

    What is the biggest shame of all is that before she twisted the knife in support of Target I actually was beginning to really like her. As repuglicans go she’s very personable but I can’t get passed the continuance of support for Target. I guess a part of it is that if she did stand up against Target she would be actually conceding that Tom Emmer might not be the decent human being the GOP want us to think he is.

  • Barack Obama

    I hear your cry. This is not a audacity of truth.

    – Enron

  • Red

    I totally agree with Marcus M’s comment @ #12 – I’ve had the same thought for a long time now. It’s one of the most distressing things about the Obama Administration. I will NEVER, EVER vote Republican, but I’m not especially keen on the Dems at this moment either and it’s sad to realize that many younger voters most likely feel completely disillusioned and let down by him.

  • jason

    The reality is that there are truly few advocates of gay rights. Even if there are gay-friendly individuals in both major political parties, the party line is beholden to the focus group mentality. In the Democrats’ case, these focus groups consist of blacks and migrants, while in the Republicans’ case it consists of religious fanatics and fundamentalists.

    Alarm bells should have sounded ages ago. We should have known that Obama was going to lie his way into power at our expense.

  • Steve

    What’s really happening here is mostly electioneering. Some R’s who do not hold office and are not running for office, are making statements in support of equal rights for gays. They are trying to ‘bait’ the D’s who do hold office, most of whom are running for reelection, to do something for the gays. The R’s think this will make the D’s less popular, and cost them votes in the upcoming elections.

    I have no doubt that some Republicans do actually support equal rights for gays. But, those Republicans are not the officials or candidates, or the party leaders. They are the young, libertarians who call themselves Republican, not the old, powerful, conservative Republicans who actually control the party.

    The R’s who are running are not going anywhere near this issue. The ones who do go there are making the usual right-wing anti-gay statements. Count the number of R co-sponsors of the Respect for Marriage Act. There are zero (0) Republican co-sponsors for that bill.

    When the Respect for Marriage Act has 20 Republican Senators as cosponsors, I will believe that the party is actually moving on this issue.

  • paul

    Aside from their terrible record on gay rights lets not forget Republicans want to bomb Iran and lots of countries with nuclear capabilites (North Korea and even Russia at some point for good measure), take away women’s right to make decision about what to do if they get pregnant, systematically destroy the economy, eradicate social security, privatize health care and medicare, leave the sick, the elderly and the unemployed for dead in the streets and turn Government into a small Church like organisation that has next to no power. If you want America to turn into a feral backwater banana republic, go right ahead and vote for Republicans. If you want America to remain in the third world you know the choice to make.

  • greenmanTN

    I suppose it’s a good sign there is open dissent about gay rights in the ranks of the Republican Party, but any gay person who thinks that’s enough to excuse voting for the GOP should really think again. At least since the 1980s there have been essentially two Republican Parties, the “small government, no capital gains tax!” crowd and the “Adam & Eve rode dinosaurs” bunch who basically want a Theocracy. By exploiting wedge issues the moneyed WASP contingent has convinced the flat-earthers and xenophobes to vote against their own financial interests based on “values.” Just because the GOP has taken a breather from gay-bashing for a *single* election cycle to focus on illegal immigrants and Muslims instead doesn’t mean they’ve changed their tune, just that they’ve found something that is working better for them in the current climate. They can and will go back to homophobia as soon as it’s convenient and many of them never stopped.

    If you actually believe the GOP is going to change their tune about gay rights and piss off the substantial Christian Right segment of the party, you are too gullible for words and should be wary of emails from deposed Nigerian officials offering to make you rich.

    Just because someone stopped kicking you in the ribs so they can beat up someone else doesn’t make them your friend.

  • jason

    Of course the Republican Party, as a whole, has a terrible record on gay rights. However, the Democrats aren’t much better. Let’s say the Democrats are 10% better than the Republicans. Does that justify 75% of the GLBT community voting for the Democrats? I think not.

  • The Artist

    Oh leave the President alone, he’s doing a great job. It takes a climb to get anywhere in life, not a leap. PEACELUVNBWILD. PS. Megan MeCain! Her father needs 2 be on a nice beach in the Virgin Islands.

  • Meher Zaman

    Maybe Obama did not do much for gay rights, he did sign the Matthew Shepard Act. To quote Wikipedia, this is what the law does:
    1. removes the prerequisite that the victim be engaging in a federally-protected activity, like voting or going to school;
    2. gives federal authorities greater ability to engage in hate crimes investigations that local authorities choose not to pursue;
    3. provides $5 million per year in funding for fiscal years 2010 through 2012 to help state and local agencies pay for investigating and prosecuting hate crimes;
    4. requires the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to track statistics on hate crimes against transgender people (statistics for the other groups are already tracked).


  • DR

    hmmm… Meghan McCain or Barack Obama….

    Easy choice. Obama hasn’t done squat for us and Meghan has been taking on the far right in the GOP for a couple of years now. I’d rather support what I hope to be the face of the younger generation of Republicans than the same party without the guts to actually lead.

  • Daez

    @Marcus M: I think that is very doomsday. I think young people are sitting out this election season mostly in protest of politicians that don’t share their ideals. The next time a candidate comes long that shares their ideals, they will become more active again.

  • Bareback Hussein Osama

    @Ivad Enuffofya: Yes We Can!

  • Queer Supremacist

    @jason: Ten percent of zero is zero.

  • FAEN

    We need more Meghan McCain’s in the GOP. The more repubs see the writing on the wall, that equal marriage will come, the better we are as a community IMHO. No more will the dems be able to take our vote for granted which is what they do ALL the time.

  • FAEN


    Her father proved what kind of man he is by selling out all his values trying to out right wing J.D. Hayworth. He won the primary but at a cost I don’t think he can repay. As awful as the ‘fierce advocate’ is, I have no doubt that McShame would have been a LOT worse.

  • FAEN


    I know right! Why is it time and time again when the Dems win the WH they almost immediately surrender the issues that GOT them there and give in to the living in the past conservatives?

  • FAEN

    @Marcus M:

    I’m not so sure about that. I think the youth vote will come out again for Obama.

  • FAEN

    @Jimmy Fury:

    I’m glad someone in the GOP camp is.

  • FAEN


    Even if I were a federal worker, I would still not be able to recieve full equality due to DOMA. Hopefully that will be repealed soon.

    The hate crimes bill is an accomplishment. I’m glad for it.

    Obama needs to clarify his position on mariage though. He supports equality for GLBT’s but doesn’t support marriage which would give us equality. He can’t have it both ways. Either he wants us to have equality or not. Could also mean he supports a ‘seperate but equal’ doctrine when it comes to the gays. If he does, as a biracial man and our President, he should know better.

  • ewe

    Why she is given any credibility is beyond me. I will have to pass on McCains daughter pushing anti Obama sentiments if you all don’t mind.

  • Rashid

    Sweetheart, you’re one of God-knows-how many (that’s a number) republicans who support same-sex marriage.

  • adman

    I can’t believe it’s 2010, 5o-odd days from the midterms and American people still think bipartisan politics are about them in any way except to screw them further than they already are. Face it people, what happens in DC happens at our expense, whether we are Women, Gays, Minorities, white working people, immigrants, you name it.
    Obama knows it, and the Republicans know it, it’s a redux of Nixon era politics, with both parties playing Nixon. Got a hate-on? Need someone exploited on the cheap? Go to Washington. Need rights? Want protections from the excesses inflicted on you by the powerful? Leave America. Sorry, but you need to wake up and smell the coffee. We and our hopes and dreams are toast, thanks to 40 years of partisanship. Shut up and go to your slave pen, proles.

  • Marcus M


    Yeah, it is a bit histrionic, but I think Obama and the Dems blew an amazing opportunity. I’ve never seen youth mobilized and excited as I did in 2008 and all that momentum was lost the moment it became politics as usual. People WILL vote again, but I think we’ve been burned so bad that we’re not going to see the level of excitement and hope that we did a few years ago for a very long time. That campaign took an entire generation, got them to care, and then left them feeling jaded.

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