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Meghan McCain outdoes herself yet again in latest attempt at being basic

Meghan McCain‘s at it again.

This week, John McCain’s daughter published her latest rambling op-ed in The Daily Mail and it’s all about the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill the GOP’s attacks on trans kids across America how perverted the Cuomo brothers are and why they really ought to be canceled.

McCain, who, for years, bemoaned cancel culture on The View, now feels that, for some people, it “remains the appropriate punishment and they deserve the life-sentence.”

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“Which is how we come to disgraced pig and ex-Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo,” she writes after a long lead-up. “His snake-head resurfaced on Sunday in his first public appearance in six months.”

Cuomo met with members of God’s Battalion of Prayer Church, a Black congregation in Brooklyn, New York, which Meghan found so utterly reprehensible that she now feels the need to use her enormous platform to raise awareness to it.

“Governor Grope told the Brooklyn congregation that he is a victim of cancel culture and ‘God isn’t done with me yet’,” she writes. “He even suggested his brother Chis [sic] Cuomo was a victim of the ‘cancel-culture mob’ when he was fired from CNN.”

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Now, you might be wondering why an American woman who lives in Washington, D.C. is writing such an impassioned opinion piece for a British tabloid about a former New York politician. We wish we had the answer for you.

“Go back to wherever you came from Andrew, no one wants to see your face anymore,” McCain concludes, “and take your brother Chris with you.”

Meghan shared the op-ed earlier this week on Twitter. Here’s how people responded…

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