John McCain's daughter

Meghan McCain releases scorched-earth memoir trashing ‘The View’ and her “toxic” colleagues

Like a bad smell, Meghan McCain just won’t go away.

John McCain’s daughter, who hates tell-all books, is about to release a new tell-all audiobook about her turbulent time on “The View.”

“Bad Republican”, out next week, is only available as an audiobook since McCain didn’t actually write it, she just sat in front of a microphone and blabbed for six hours then packaged it as a “memoir.”

In the recording, she speaks at length about how “The View” was a toxic place to work and her colleagues were terrible, horrible, awful people who constantly made her life a living hell.

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McCain says she suffered “toxic, direct, and purposeful hostility” from two people in particular: Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, who she says “grew meaner and less forgiving” with every passing day, “as if I had become an avatar for everything they hated about [President Trump].”

She adds that Goldberg, in particular, exhibited “open disdain” for her, often cutting her off when she was speaking to go to commercial. “Once she turns on you,” McCain says, “it can create unfathomable tension at the table.”

Another incident she talks about is the time she made a joke about how Behar must have missed her while she was away on maternity leave, to which her liberal co-host replied, “I did not miss you. Zero!”

McCain claims she broke down sobbing during the commercial break. “I felt like I’d been slapped,” she says. This escalated into a full blown panic attack after the episode wrapped, resulting in her puking all over her office. That’s when she concluded: “This sh*t isn’t worth it. Nothing in life is worth it.”

McCain says she later asked for an apology from Behar because “she had humiliated me live on air,” but she never received one. To make matters worse, she felt as though she was often depicted as an “unhinged lunatic.” And that’s ultimately why she decided to quit two years before her contract was up.

Speaking to VarietyMcCain calls being on the show “crazy-making” and “extremely isolating” and that she often felt “outnumbered.”

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“You can watch the show and see that it’s unhinged and disorganized and rowdy,” she says. “For me personally, it felt extremely isolating because of my political ideology.”

She also says someone kept leaking stories about her to the press, which made her feel even worse.

“People were not comfortable around me. I was there less than a month when the first article came out about me, about what a disappointment I was and my nickname backstage was ‘Elsa’, the ice princess.”

She adds, “I don’t think anyone should walk into a work environment where they feel like they can’t have a bad day without it being blasted over the internet, painting them out to be a psycho.”

Let’s see how Twitter is responding to McCain’s latest remarks…

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