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Meghan McCain has Twitter tantrum after not being invited to Met Gala, claims to “love fashion”

In general, when a person says they “don’t care” about something and then they proceed to trash it anyway, it’s usually a pretty good indicator that they do, indeed, care. Such appears to be the case with Meghan McCain and the Met Gala.

This week, John McCain’s daughter took to Twitter to whine about how she wasn’t invited to stupid she thinks the Met Gala is, even though she loves fashion, and to criticize people for living in excess and not donating more money to food banks.

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“Am I allowed to not care about the Met Gala?” she wrote. “I love fashion as much as the next woman but would have been pretty amazing if all those celebrities took the 35K it costs for a table and donated it to essential workers and food banks in the country. The time of excess seems dated.”

The Met Gala is, in fact, a charity event. It funds the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. Also, the vast majority of the celebrities who attended Monday night’s soiree also work with a number of other charities, including food banks.

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Considering she got her degree in art history, you’d think McCain, who is reported to be worth around $10 million, would already know this and would understand how museum fundraisers work. Then again, considering she’s, well, Meghan McCain, maybe that’s expecting too much of her.

Now, here are some of the responses to her “I totally don’t care!” tweet…

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