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Meghan McCain Ultimatum for the GOPs: Get a Conscience or Die

After that silly controversy over whether George Washington University’s Young Republicans supposedly revoking funding for Meghan McCain’s speech because she was going to talk about The Gays, Sen. John McCain’s daughter finally made it to campus. And boy, did she talk about The Gays.

The Gays and their little rights are “this generation’s civil rights movement. … I am not Ann Coulter. I am not Glenn Beck. I am not trying to be a pundit. I am not trying to have a show on FOX,” McCain told an audience on Thursday. “My intention is to promote dialogue in this country. I do [support marriage equality], got that George Washington Young Republicans?”

And this is how she promoted dialogue: “I am not saying let’s just abandon the core ideals that the Republican Party was built on. I am saying make room for all of the Republicans, and let’s start evolving with the times. We must evolve or we’ll die.”

Is Meghan McCain making death threats?! On no she di’int.

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  • Law

    If her daddy wouldn’t cut her off for declaring herself a Democrat, she already would have done it. Nothing that comes out of her mouth ever sounds like a Republican. She sounds like so many other university-age kids… “I’m Republican because my parents are Republican.” Then you ask where they stand on the issues and it sounds like they are reading directly from the Democratic party platform.

  • dvlaries

    She’s a brave young woman, a near-lone voice trying to tell her own party that if they want to continue to replace departed members with young ones they’ve got to evolve into 21st century on this issue.

  • Alexandre

    @Law, what are you talking about? Her views on the economy are FAR from Democratic.

  • merkin

    she doesnt sound like a Republican because the Republican Party has been co-opted for the past 30 years by the Religious right. I commend her for trying, perhaps vainly, to steer the ship back in the right direction.

  • Lanjier

    I really like her. We need a healthy two-party system in this country, and hopefully she will have a great career.

  • ionos

    @Law: It does not matter a cent if Daddy cuts her off. The $$$ are with Mommy dearest, and she is going to get most of it.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    She’s the party’s future – not Sarah whats-her-face.

    Time will prove me right. The old guard, the gun-toting terrorist for Jesus, the racists and even the kooks who frighten the first three are having their last blue-in-the-face hurrah.

  • Jason

    Meghan ROCKS!!!

    So many gays are mindlessly liberal.

    When we do achieve equality, will all the gays still cowtow to the Dems?

    I for one do not and will not.

  • tjr101

    @Jason: Equality will most likely come with the help of the liberal Democratic party.

    Such a sweet child she is, unfortunately for her the GOP is already dead. They’re all a bunch of mindless wackos.

  • Andrew

    I am not a Republican supporter, however, for a succesful democracy there has to be strong opposition. Currently the Republicans have been high jacked by the right wing nuts. It is encouraging to see that there are some intelligent, thinking people still belonging to the Republicans. Hopefully the powers that be will listen to people like Meghan.

  • Kane

    Meghan McCain is one of the worst things to happen to the GLBT community. Period.

    Where was she during the ’08 election? Why did she not stand up for us, then? When her father made it blatantly clear-even so much as saying it to Ellen Degenere’s face-that he does not truly embrace freedom for every American? No where.

    The “No Hate Campaign” photoshoot with her and her mother is a joke. It’s nothing more than a celebrity-cache charity that makes people feel good about themselves. Genereating awareness, you say? Of what? The gays? People know we’re here, believe me. If they know not of our struggles, then it’s our fault and the media’s, it’s not Meghan’s McCain’s job to inform them.

    I’ve devoted quite some time to watching her, reading transcripts of the shows she appears on, and frankly, she’s a ditz. She was pwned on Bill Maher’s show, so much as admitting she’s nothing more than a blonde.

    And that’s it. That’s why. She’s nothing more than a blonde haired, pretty faced bimbo that appeals to young gay urbanites who never had to struggle to find their way as a gay youth.
    They think she’s cool and follow her on twitter. She’s a ‘gal pal’. That’s it. Woo-hoo. Another girlfriend to go shopping with. Big deal.

    We gays have a tendency to pick the worst allies.
    The women got Mother Jones, the blacks got Martin King and what do we get? Perez, Meghan McCain, Lady Gaga…it’s sickening.
    There are scientists, biologists and so many public intellectuals that have come to our defense. Naturalists and the like who use science and reason to defend our lives; to instead rely on a few celebrities who preach tolerance is foolish. It’s like listening to a kindergarten teacher.

    I may be young, but I’m not about to ignore the 4 decades of blood, sweat and tears and the effort it took just to so much as get one political party to pay attention to us, just to start completely over with a new one. That’s bullsh*t.
    Politics is a game. It shouldn’t be, but it is. And the door may not always be open with the democrats, but they have let us is. Many, many democrats support us. From Rep. Grayson to Rep. Kucinich. And let’s remember that Obama became one of the first senators to publicly support gay marriage as early as 1996-but obviously, a politician has to play the game and he has since publicly flip-flopped on it, at least that’s what he wants the conservatives to think. (I’m not defending him).
    The door with the republicans is closed. It’s sealed by hate, religious delusion and “tradition”. It’s not going to open.

    Me, a mindless liberal? I don’t think so.
    I’m educated, informed and I’m not about to foolishly believe that I can accomplish something by slapping a pink elephant sticker on my bumper.
    To be a gay republican is to be a joke.
    They serve a pointless goal and will accomplish nothing.
    I’ve been to these gay republican gatherings-and it’s a sad state of affairs, really. Self-loathing, mentally domesticated men to afraid to admit they are what they hate they most-gay. Flamboyancy. Not of the social norm. Want to date a gay republican? Fine. Find a bathroom stall. Just keep it hidden, because god forbid we should be honest about human nature.

    The political implementation of a conservative agenda is one of totalitarianism. It’s one of restraint and denial. They wish for us to be ‘normal’, to act a like. To think and dress a like. To be ‘family-friendly’. A wholesome, clean and religiously deluded take on the human experience. They believe that ‘normal’ exists. Ever seen Meghan McCain with a Drag Queen? No. It’s fear of human potential and unconditional expression. They don’t want it. They don’t want the gays. And when they do-they still expect a humble and miserable existence for us as we perpetrate some half-a** ideal of the American stereotype.

    No, Meghan McCain is not good for us, not at all.

  • Brian


    Wow, you said a mouthful. Right on!! I know how you feel. It’s frustrating to see my friends take to Meghan as if she’s credible or represents them. It’s painful. There’s a bigger picture here and they can’t see it.
    I just feel like every boy that begins to follow people like her, it takes one voice away from us. We’re all breaking apart and going off in different directions. It sucks..

  • Kane


    I wasn’t able to say everything I wanted. Emotion got the best of me, hm. But I’m glad you could read between the lines and see where I’m coming from.

    Yes, they follow her and think, “here’s something new…let’s try it on”…without realizing the social impact of a conservative agenda. It’s much, much bigger than just gay marriage.

  • Nick

    You know what, it doesn’t matter if she’s an airhead, or no Martin King. She’s a republican, and an influential (even if indirectly) figure, and she’s calling out for gay equality.
    How can people seriously moan about that?
    Surely, of all the battles we could pick, one against Meghan McCain has got to be the last we would go for?

  • DillonS

    @Kane: wonderful rant and totally naive. If you can’t see that, simply by being who she is, she at least gets the message closer to those who need to hear it than anyone else has been able to, then emotion did get the best of you.

    You don’t have to like her. Or think she’s bright. But don’t act like she has no value to the community. It’s funny how you so easily attack someone who is trying to speak up for our rights. And for what?

    Yes, let’s turn on our friends and supporters because that is where our energy is best focused. Silly.

  • Jill

    I agree with the previous post. She is certainly doing more for the gay community than all of you here slamming her. So what she is not a pundit, she knows it. She is also getting the message out and creating a stir, one that is undoubtedly being heard by the Republican party – unlike your rants.

  • tjr101

    @DillonS: Bless your heart, Megan ain’t no friend of the community and has no influence in the GOP whatsoever.

    She’s considered a RINO just like daddy. But she is smart enough to see that conservatve Republican ideals will die a slow death if they keep hating on gays and other minorities.

  • Wow

    There was a time when both major political parties had liberal and conservative flanks. Many Republicans voted for historic civil rights legislation in the 1960s. Would those legislators even recognize the Republican Party as their own, if they were alive to see it today? A party so deeply corrupted by the influence of the religious far-right, that many among its ranks bash gays for political expedience, but retain openly gay men and women to serve on their staffs? Sadly, it’s taken the guerilla journalism of Michael Rogers to point out how pervasive the hypocrisy really is.

    I do not agree with Megan McCain on a lot of things, but hats off to her for trying to rescue the Republican party from its pointless, fruitless, endless assault on equal rights. Few others in her party will be judged as kindly a generation from now.

  • hardmannyc

    Kane: I guess because she’s blonde, the daughter of a senator and from a wealthy family, she’s a bimbo. Maybe you should listen to and read her. She’s actually quite intelligent and perceptive. But hey, I don’t want to disturb your a priori prejudices.

  • edgyguy1426

    So would we rather have Palin or Meghan as the new face of the opposing party? Like one’s relatives, I don’t think one can choose one’s allies. Sometimes we’re embarassed i.e. Perez Hilton, sometimes pleasantly surprised like McCain. I don’t think it’s us that’s so much embraced her as the talking heads have because her views are more of a ‘novelty’ among the GOP, and that’s why she’s on a lot of shows. Rather see her on the View as a representative instead of that ‘other bimbo’?
    She might not be the smartest of her generation of the GOP, but she has a casual approach to her speech that many blue collar people can identify with.
    Is Meghan McCain good for us? Absolutely.

  • jeffree

    I’d rather have her on our side than have her speaking out against us. She was brave saying what she said to the group she said it to!

    Hating on her isnt going 2 stop her anyway.

    Like it or not, her name opens doors & makes people want 2 hear her. She’s not stumping 4 her poppa because he’s history… Mary Cheney is lesbian and she was less vocal than Meghan, who is straight.

  • Joseph

    evolution isn’t something republicans are familiar with is it?

  • gaycondo

    RE: Law

    “If her daddy wouldn’t cut her off for declaring herself a Democrat, she already would have done it. Nothing that comes out of her mouth ever sounds like a Republican. She sounds like so many other university-age kids… ‘I’m Republican because my parents are Republican.'”

    I think that she is more sophisticated than that. I am a progressive but believe there are legitimate ideologiocal differences between Republicans and Democrats that transcend the gay issue. What she is saying is that the rhetoric coming from lawmakers and the public is going to come back to bite them in the ass. People opposed to marriage equality are going to be on the wrong side of history and she knows it. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t agree with other Republican policies. A lot of conservatives in this country are freaking out and they need to get a grip on themselves. Younger people and decent people are turned off by the homophobia in the Republican party.

  • Robert, NYC

    Jason, No. 8….Has it occurred to you that there are also plenty of mindless gay conservatives in the Log Cabin group, people who persistently support and vote for a party that continuously votes against their equality year after year? Can you name one openly gay republican who was allowed to address equality issues during their campaigns and conventions? I’m no lover of the democrats either but they’re the least of the two evils. What we need is a third party to buck the current two party stronghold. If the majority of gay voters including Log Cabiners supported the Green Party for example, you’d see how fast the Democrats would sit up and take us seriously.

    I applaud Megahn McCain’s support but unfortunately, the religious right and the teabaggers are calling the shots and I don’t see the GOP ignoring them, they are part of its base. If anything, that’s going to turn a lot of younger people off voting for them yet again. They may gain a seat here or there come November but in reality, they’re done for until they get rid of the extremism, the hatred, the racism and other wedge issues such as marriage equality to divide rather than unite. They can expect continued failure, nobody, especially a young voter is going to back a loser with the kind of rhetoric and antics we’ve been seeing these past few months without hardly a word of condemnation from the leadership. Silence gives consent.

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