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Meghan McCain Ultimatum for the GOPs: Get a Conscience or Die

After that silly controversy over whether George Washington University’s Young Republicans supposedly revoking funding for Meghan McCain‘s speech because she was going to talk about The Gays, Sen. John McCain’s daughter finally made it to campus. And boy, did she talk about The Gays.

The Gays and their little rights are “this generation’s civil rights movement. … I am not Ann Coulter. I am not Glenn Beck. I am not trying to be a pundit. I am not trying to have a show on FOX,” McCain told an audience on Thursday. “My intention is to promote dialogue in this country. I do [support marriage equality], got that George Washington Young Republicans?”

And this is how she promoted dialogue: “I am not saying let’s just abandon the core ideals that the Republican Party was built on. I am saying make room for all of the Republicans, and let’s start evolving with the times. We must evolve or we’ll die.”

Is Meghan McCain making death threats?! On no she di’int.