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Meghan McCain’s homophobic husband is being sued and she’s freaking out about it on Twitter

Meghan McCain‘s husband, Ben Domenech, co-founder and publisher of the extreme-right, anti-LGBTQ blog The Federalist, is being sued and she’s not happy about it.

“My husband made a joke on Twitter and now you’re all paying for the government to sue him,” McCain tweeted yesterday, along with a video of Domenech explaining the lawsuit against him.

Feel free to watch the video yourself. Or, we can summarize it for you…

Basically, in 2019, Domenech, tweeted a “joke” threatening the people who work at his LGBTQ hate blog that if they ever tried to unionize he would send them “back to the salt mine”.

Domenech wrote the tweet on the same day of a walkout by union employees at Vox Media.

In response, the National Labor Relations Board filed a formal charge against FDRLST, Media, LLC, claiming the tweet constituted an “unfair” labor practice.

In 2020, a National Labor Relations Board administrative judge determined the timing of the tweet was, indeed, meant to be a “threat” to Domenech’s employees and, therefore, violated federal labor laws.

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“Obviously, the FDRLST employees are not literally being sent back to the salt mines,” Judge Kenneth Chu said in his ruling. “Idioms have, however, hidden meanings.”

“In viewing the totality of the circumstances surrounding the tweet, this tweet had no other purpose except to threaten the FDRLST employees with unspecified reprisal, as the underlying meaning of ‘salt mine’ so signifies.”

For the last two years, the case has been slowly working its way through the court system and is now pending in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Here’s how folx have been responding to Meg’s tweet about the whole thing…

In addition to making “jokes”, Domenech has a looooong history of making disparaging remarks about queer people on Twitter, and he once had to issue an apology to SCOTUS Justice Elena Kagan for trying to out her. And his website regularly publishes homophobic and transphobic hit pieces.

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McCain, who claims to be an LGBTQ ally, has never publicly denounced her husband’s antigay remarks or addressed the fact that she personally profits from the money he makes from peddling anti-LGBTQ hate speech.

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