karen strikes again

Megyn Kelly loves wearing blackface so, of course, she thinks Christopher Columbus is awesome, too

Another day, another racist tweet from blackface apologist Megyn Kelly.

The former journalist took to Twitter this morning to wish everyone a Happy Columbus Day, the problematic U.S. holiday that honors Christopher Columbus, the colonizer who claimed he “discovered” the Americas in 1492, even though people had already been living there for thousands and thousands of years.

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“Happy Columbus Day!” Kelly tweeted, “Columbus Day is a time to remember that that which seems impossible rarely is. It is a day to…ask yourself what challenges you can face with strength and purpose.”

Despite being a federal holiday, fourteen states don’t recognize Columbus Day. Many feel it glorifies a colonizer who led an exploration that resulted in rape and genocide and paved the way for slavery. Instead, they prefer to call it Indigenous Peoples’ Day, to honor Native Americans.

Of course, Megyn Kelly has never been on the right side of any issue that involves race, ethnicity, or human decency, in general, so her Columbus Day tweet really isn’t that surprising. But that doesn’t make it any less vile.

Here’s how people have been responding…

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