Ladies Allege Lesbianic Affair

Mel B’s Spicy Gay Fling

Spice Girl Mel B got some scary publicity on Sunday. Los Angeles based ladies Christa Parker and sex toy saleswoman Elizabeth Rodriguez tell The Mirror they had booze-fueled flings with the British singer.

Rodriguez recalls their first close encounter:

I had never been with a girl before and felt awkward. But I didn’t stop her. Christa was lying on the floor and Mel got on top of her. I was lying on the bed and couldn’t see what was going on. But I could guess from the noises they were making love.

The next thing I knew Mel and Christa both got on the bed. I was wearing a skirt and Mel came over to me and asked me if I wouldn’t feel more comfortable taking it off.

I said, ‘OK’. Then she started rubbing my leg, all the way up and just kept on going. Mel’s like that. She’s kind of like the man in the bedroom and loves taking control.

This isn’t the first time B’s been rumored to lick labia. Photogs once snapped her smooching with producer, Christine Crokos.

And here we always thought Sporty Spice counted as the pop group’s gay…