Melania celebrates anniversary of husband’s inauguration by tweeting pic of herself with another man

Amidst damning reports that her husband cheated on her with a porn star shortly after she gave birth to their son, Barron, then paid the woman $130,000 in hush money, Melania Trump took a moment to tweet about her “wonderful” first full year as First Lady:

OK, first of all, can we talk about why she chose a picture of herself on the arm of a handsome young Marine rather than with, say, her husband?

Also, which “wonderful moments” are she referring to?

Perhaps it’s the time she ruined Easter? Or the time she ruined Christmas? Or the time she told sick children that she wished she could spend the holidays “on a deserted island”? Or the time her husband left her outside on a cold, wet tarmac without an umbrella?

Honestly, there are so many wonderful moments to choose from!

As it often the case anytime Melania tweets, she received a ton of responses. 7,510 to be exact. Let’s take a look…

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