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Melania “Who gives a f**k about Christmas” Trump is now selling her own ornaments

Melania Trump at the White House
Melania Trump at the White House in November, 2019 (Photo: Shutterstock)

Former First Lady Melania Trump has unveiled her latest, perhaps surprising, money-making scheme. Yesterday she unveiled a range of bespoke Christmas ornaments, some of which she personally designed.

We say “perhaps surprising” because, during her time in the White House, many judged Melania’s own attempts at Christmas decorating as somewhat creepy.

A leaked phone call to a former aide also caught her slamming her treatment at the hands of the media. Talking to Stephanie Winston Wolkoff in 2018, Melania said she’d been working her “ass off” on the White House decorations, despite it not being of much interest to her: “Who gives a f**k about Christmas stuff and decoration” she ranted.

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According to Fox News, Melania’s new range of “handcrafted” ornaments is accompanied by animated NFTs. The latter can be bought, printed for display, or sold on as a collectible at a later date.

We would strongly suggest that anyone snapping up a Melania-related Christmas NFT as a potential investment has a serious talk with a reputable financial advisor first.

The Melania Trump 'American Christmas' ornaments
The Melania Trump ‘American Christmas’ ornaments

A “portion” of the money will go to helping foster children

According to a press statement, a portion of the proceeds from the six ornaments and NFTs will go toward paying for scholarships for foster children. This will be via Melania’s “Be Best” initiative. The statement does not specify what portion of the money.

Melania says she personally designed the “Christmas Star” ornament (below). Another ornament features her “Be Best” motto.

Melania Trump's Christmas star ornament
Melania Trump’s Christmas star ornament

“My creative inspiration for the upcoming holiday season is hope, and naturally, the star embodies this spirit,” Trump told Fox News. “My hope is for families across the world to use the Christmas Star ornament to inspire their loved ones with positive purpose, aspirations and values as we enter the new year.

“This holiday season, remember to aim high to reach your full potential.”

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The ornaments range in price from $35-$45. Each features an engraving of Melania’s signature.

Melania Trump Be Best Christmas ornament

Judging from the reaction online, we’re not sure how well the line will turn out to be with potential customers.

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