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Melania Trump is asked about a potential return to the White House

Melania Trump at the White House
Melania Trump at the White House, November, 2019 (Photo: Shutterstock)

Melania Trump has given her first televised interview since she left the White House in 2021. Unsurprisingly, it was to Fox News.

Asked directly by the channel’s Pete Hegsworth if she’d ever live in the White House again, Melanie’s evasive response was: “Never say never.”

She added, “I think we achieved a lot in four years of the Trump administration.”

Donald Trump is known to be mulling another run for the presidency but he’s not expected to make any announcement until after the mid-terms are out of the way later this year.

Melania’s Fox interview was ostensibly an excuse to promote her work to support kids in the foster system, “Fostering the Future.” This appears to primarily be linked to Melania’s ongoing sales of NFTs, of which an unspecified portion goes toward helping kids.

In February, Melania confirmed that ‘Fostering The Future’ is not a nonprofit organization. “In simple terms, ‘Fostering the Future’ is the name of my platform. Fostering the Future is a Be Best initiative,” she said in a press release.

“I have been working on my NFT projects since I left the White House,” she confirmed to Hegseth in yesterday’s interview. “Some of the proceeds of NFTs will go towards education, providing education opportunities for foster care children who are aging out of the foster system.”

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Hegseth also took the opportunity to ask her about her time in the White House. In particular, being snubbed by Vogue magazine, which has featured Michelle Obama and Jill Biden on its cover, but chose to overlook Melania.

“They’re biased, and they have likes and dislikes,” Trump responded. “It’s so obvious, and I think American people and everyone see[s] it.”

“It was their decision,” she continued. “I have much more important things to do, and I did in the White House than being on the cover of Vogue.”

She didn’t specify the more important things she did in the White House. Maybe she was referencing her massacre of the Rose Garden.

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