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Melania Trump hosted a private Easter Egg Roll exclusively for the rich and powerful

Suddenly it all makes sense.

The reason Melania Trump couldn’t be bothered to plan the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, a nearly 140-year American tradition, is because she was too busy coordinating her own private, invitation-only Easter Egg Roll held for the very rich and powerful at Mar-a-Lago.

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News of the hush-hush event almost remained under wraps until one pesky insider accidentally spilled the jellybeans by posting a picture of the event to her official FLOTUS Twitter account:


According to sources, guests arrived to the swanky Sunday afternoon event in luxury vehicles like Bentleys, BMWs, and Rolls Royces and made their way up a long red carpet into the private beach club.

Chris Geidner from BuzzFeed did some more digging and shared what he could learn about the event:

Meanwhile, all the lowly peasants who attended the White House Easter Egg Roll this morning got was Sean Spicer awkwardly reading “How To Catch The Easter Bunny”:

Oh, and this meme:

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  • Wild_Puss

    Yep. “Let them eat cake”.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      The “most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you’ve ever seen.” Whatanassss! Never trust people who scowl and smile at the same time. They’re conflicted.

  • ChrisK

    Please. Like anyone should be surprised.

    • CanadianGuy62

      You took the words right out of my mouth.

  • He BGB

    Because the Trumps are so religious (sarcasm). They worship money.

  • highestbidder

    What’s really amusing is the American Conservative Union banner ads that are being presented on your site as I read this lol

  • jhon_siders

    Sad she missed the peoples event to host the rich one that’s the kind of thinking all republicans have we as ordinary people do not mean jack chit to them !

    • mhoffman953


      Where did you read she missed the “peoples” event? Her and the entire Trump family were at the White House Easter Egg Roll. This event was a holiday event for the first family to privately celebrate Easter with their family.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Melanomia Slu* should be easter-egg rolled over the highest waterfall without any life support.

  • chuck

    This is more than “sad”. They are now two of a kind regardless of reports that he mistreats this woman. I’ve stopped watching the coverage of this administration. Really screws with my head. Is this really happening?

  • throwslikeagirl

    They actually attended both events. There are videos of them at The White House Easter Egg Roll. I can’t with either one of them, but there’s no need to create incorrect inferences. Fake news is inappropriate, regardless of the source and political bent it’s coming from.

    • paul dorian lord fredine

      nowhere did anyone say they didn’t attend the white house event so no ‘fake news’ here. what they’re saying is little to no time was put into the white house event, a tradition for some 130 years. now, just maybe, one can excuse melania by saying ‘nobody told her/she wasn’t fully briefed on what little things the first lady does’. maybe. as for him…..he ‘cries’ for the babies in syria but when it comes to the kids in this country he just couldn’t be bothered. yes, he was there, but doing what? michelle and barack read to the kids, they mingled, they played games, they laughed. THEY HAD FUN!!!! #45 probably sat on the south portico sipping whatever he sips and acting like he just couldn’t be bothered. oh, and btw….seen the video of him during the national anthem? melania had to nudge him to remind him to put his hand on his ‘heart’. hy. ster. i. cal. an immigrant had to remind the ‘leader’ of the free world. you may not be able to understand her when she talks but she knows how to act in public.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      One has to have a heart over which to place a (small) hand.

  • arcoarconcio_passivy

    it´s staff ups ! Club Green Tropicality Beautfily Luxury ! Sorry Stop ! Fest Coresmu Americam EUA USA U.S Americam Pascolity ! end the timer SindeyCanadianAustrlian ! It´s my like it´s my like flyer flyer flyer Rose in Guns It´s my life ! Next TrumDonaldMcDonald .

  • batesmotel

    Why are you so obsessed with a measly little Easter Egg Hunt? Ohhh, wait I get it, it’s because the Trump name is somehow connected, otherwise you wouldn’t care. Easter egg hunts are for kids under 10.

    • paul dorian lord fredine

      it’s been a tradition for 130+ years, that’s why it’s a topic for discussion. and yes, it’s for kids. american kids. the kids he claims to care about. oops. those were syrian kids. i guess when you’re kids here you’re just an afterthought. as the kids in flint.

    • mhoffman953


      You’re actually comparing kids who were murdered in a chemical gas attack to kids who might’ve not had to the chance to roll Easter eggs on the White House lawn (even though they still did and the tradition wasn’t ended)? Yikes.

    • Hogwasher

      I like how bates jumps to the defense of trump when trump would be more than happy to steal $35.000 from bates to attend his scam trump university.

  • IanHunter

    Doesn’t surprise me. I’ll bet Barron got the grand prize egg.

  • Jack Meoff

    That kid sitting next to Spicer looks deliberately hand picked with the 1930’s outfit and one sock sliding down. I wonder if he made the kid cry.

  • Leoncefalo

    Excuse me, folks, but you are getting exactly what you voted for – smoke and mirrors!!!!! The surrealistic fantasy of the Grand Cheeto and his consort will consistently continue to disappoint your expectations of what a ‘first family’ should do.

    They are the personification, deservedly so, of the crass material worship that these United States have become. Like Caligula in ancient Rome, who had his horse turned into a god, so we also have raised up the obscenely wealthy as the new American god.

    Did you expect Melania Antoinette to mix with the hoi polloi -plebeians, serfs, campesinos- anything that might smudge her hands or smear nasty egg dye on those pristine gloved hands????

    Folks, the age of the tawdry, tinsel, go- for-the-gold is now embedded in the White House, and there will be no end to the glamour and the dazzle,(and the signings) for a long time to come. Of course, the infantile media will magnify every twitch of Trump muscles imaginable, every pose, attitude – the very quintessence of “photographilia”

    As for the neglected Easter Egg Hunt on the White House lawn, get used to it. This administration is not at all about mixing with the peasants, literally, socially, nor in any other imaginable way.
    Trump’s trips to Mar-A-Lago will reach 50 or so by years end, at a cost to taxpayers of around
    TWO HUNDRED MILLION ($200,000,000). You might want to reconsider your taxes this year – but then, you have the misfortune of being a taxpayer-which the Lord Fauntleroy in the White House is not.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      Climate-denier-Trump will need to change the name to Mar-a-Pantanosa. This may be why he’s visiting so frequently, before Everglades crop up in the lobby. They unloaded on Trump. He’ll likely try to sell it, knowing the inevitable water table issues will soon be ruining the grass on the golf course. Roads and infrastructure will be severely compromised at swamp-futuro. What a dump. As with most evil objects, immersing in water is the best option.

      ““We have had neighbourhoods where the water has been up to people’s front doors. That is not something that I remember as a kid growing up in the city of Hollywood,” he said.

      Meanwhile, the city is spending heavily on pumping systems and to truck in sand to replenish beaches disappearing due to erosion.”

  • natekerchel

    For those people who are complaining about the constant attacks on whatever trump does, however ‘trivial’ it might seem, the reply is this – the man is a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, greedy, selfish, unsophisticated, exploitative, tax- avoiding, narcissist who deserves to be criticised 24 hours a day every day – as does the self-enriching ‘First Family’ and those who serve, support or defend him. Ridicule and mockery go together very well with the name trump. The fact that they had an exclusive event for their rich friends is not surprising, and that footage of the Secretary of Propaganda and Alternative Facts Spicer with the child, trying to look vaguely human, reminded me of the footage of Saddam with the little boy he was using as a human shield at the time.

  • kehvan

    Do you want more Trump?

    Because this is how you get more Trump.

    • MediaGuy

      OMG, so true. The media, constantly bashing Trump is what got him elected. It was a backlash against liberals, extremist, above-the-law Hillary and the progressive media. So now with all the non-stop crying about Trump, it pushes people towards him, not away. Keep it up and the whole country will vote for him next time. My advice if you don’t want Trump? STFU. Everybody’s tired of the haters anyway.

    • natekerchel

      I would point out again – trump did not get the most votes . There was no backlash. There was just a trump inspired release of all all the uneducated right wing hate filled feelings that have been suppressed for 8 years. Look at who voted for trump – truly the haters. I don’t hate trump – I despise his ill-thought out and bigoted agenda. I also don’t believe he should be in the White House. Hate does not come into it. Trump is not in the White House because most people voted for him – there was no backlash. He is there because of an anachronistic and undemocratic electoral college. In no other country would he be president based on the true democratic will of the people. But he is there – so we have to deal with that. Everything he does and says is open to criticism – particularly as he can barely string a sentence together and changes policy positions at an alarming rate. So no – there will be no ‘shutting up’ – as long as he infests the White House he is the chief target.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      Open your deluded eyes and watch the news.

    • MediaGuy

      Well Natekerchel, what you have is an acute case of self sabotage and self destruction. And, it’s a laugh that you disagree with the law as to how the election process happens. Your opinion and a couple of bucks will get you a subway ride. The electoral college? That’s the way it’s done bro, you ain’t gonna change it. Meanwhile, I will repeat. People are tired of listening to you carp and spew bias and hatred. So, unless you want MORE Trump, (you seem to have missed this point, so I will repeat it) maybe you’d better think about shutting your pie hole. That will make things better for you. That’s the whole point of this post. I’m just trying to help you.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      Here’s a good segment on Lawrence O’Donnell. The resistance to the Trump presidency is growing. Impeachment is a reality. At Republic town halls, people are acting up (go to 4:30) to see the GOP being pathetic with their message against aggressive townsfolk. We will not be getting more Trump.

    • MediaGuy

      What a laugh, MSNBC is your source. The people at these meetings are exactly the people who Trump supporters squashed in the last election. We just want this bullsh*it rhetoric to stop. We want these people to STFU. Their ideas are liberal, extremist and distorted. The more of this bullsh*it people see the more more they move towards Trump. This type of liberal crap is over. We need more Trump and you guys are bringing it on yourselves. Hope you like it.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      MSNBC has been kick-ass-amazing. Joy Reid, excellent, Lawrence O’Donnell, precise, Rachel Maddow, diligent, Chris Matthews, brutal. Even the interrupting, arrogant, nautical Morning Joe Scarborough has been great, given guests on the show, despite the Tammy Faye Bakker at his elbow. Rukmini Callimachi and the reporters who come on have been riveting.

  • Kenover

    Let them eat hard-boiled eggs! ?

  • BriBri

    So sad the welfare sucks didn’t get their own private party.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      hate personified.

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