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Melania Trump just tried to quietly brush her ‘cyberbullying campaign’ under the rug

Could the concept of irony finally have caught up with the First Lady?

That might be overly optimistic, but either way her campaign to combat cyberbullying has been quietly dismantled before it ever even started.

If you’ll remember that through-the-looking-glass moment towards the end of the 2016 campaign, Melania Trump vowed to do something about cyberbullying as First Lady, saying with a straight face: “Our culture has gotten too mean.”

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She also had this to say to Anderson Cooper shortly after an Access Hollywood tape showed Donald to be a man who brags about sexual assault:

“My passion is the same [as I’ve said in the past]: helping children and helping women. And also, I see now in 21st century, the social media, it’s very damaging for the children.

“We need to guide them and teach them about social media, because I see a lot of negativity on it, and we need to help them. It has some positive effects as well, because this is the life that we live in now. But has a lot of negativity as well. And I see more and more children being hurt by it . . . A lot of bullying.”

Since inauguration she’s basically been in hiding, save for one truly awkward appearance at a hospital, leaving many to wonder what the deal is with her chosen issue.

Well over the weekend, she finally moved into the White House:

So now that she’s all settled in, she can start pushing back against cyberbullies, right?

Well, not so much.

A White House official told Politico that the initiative (which was never really an initiative as it failed to actually initiate) has been cast aside.

Stephanie Grisham, the First Lady’s spokeswoman, is now saying the equivalent of “well yeah sure she’s passionate about cyberbullying, but, like, there are so many things she’s passionate about, so don’t expect any one thing, m’kay?”

“While cyber-bullying is something she speaks out against, that is but one subset of her focus around the overall wellness of children,” Grisham wrote.

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Ah, right — “the overall wellness of children.”

Only one reaction comes to mind:

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  • DCguy

    So in other words, they lied about her having a cyber bulling campaign because Michelle Obama had her issue, Laura Bush had her issue, Nancy Reagan had hers etc… and they wanted to pretend Melania had hers.

    Just like Sara Palin had her daughter pretend to be engaged during the campaign (A charade which ended the second she lost) the GOP is all about appearances without substance. They got elected so they don’t have to lie about her giving a crap about that topic anymore.

    • RIGay

      Ah yup. The GOP has not done a damn thing for America. Nothing. Not since Eisenhower.

  • OzJosh

    C’mon! Even Trump’s cack-handed handlers must have instantly realised that Melania talking about bullying only draw sharp attention to the fact that she’s married to one of the biggest bullies of them all. So they had to nix any further support. Leaving aside her being an airhead who isn’t interested in much beyond fashion and jewellery, she’ll have a hard time coming up with any issue that doesn’t also cast Trump as chief villain. Something health-related? Nope. Environmental issues? Nope. Sexual harassment? Nope. LGBT issues? Hell no. Pick an issue and Trump is inevitably on the wrong side of history.

  • DMscrub32

    Meh, I still love her. Do what you want girl.

  • Aires the Ram

    I see where this is going, where the author wanted it to go. Cyber-bullying is completely 100% the fault of Donald Trump, and by proxy, the entire Republican party. It certainly is NOT the fault of creeps who put their fingers on the keyboard and treat others with insensitivity and bullying behaviors/words. I guess it’s up to the President and the First Lady to prevent us from cyber-bullying, it is not our fault if we lack discipline and self-control. Typical leftist mindset.

    • DCguy

      Oh Look, Mo Bro got another screename.

      Notice the tactic here. The facts, the GOP trumpeted that cyber bullying was Melania’s issue, it was important to her and it would be what she was going to work on.

      Nothing was being done and now they admit that nothing ever will, and this post by Mo Bro…Ooops, I mean Aires the Ram tries to completely change the topic away from those facts so they can do a little rant against “The Left”.

      Nice try troll, but your game is easy to spot. If you can’t respond to the actual topic don’t bother, use your troll B.S. on Trump supporters, they may fall for it, but not the folks on this site.

  • captainburrito

    She even speaks like him.

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